Holy Water - Can tap water be added?


I have a question I have not been able to find an answer to.

Can you add tap water to your holy water?


Jones “Moral Theology” states that tap water can be added to Holy Water as long as the volume added is less than the volume of Holy Water. (Jones Moral Theology, 8th Edition, #465)

If you are not familar with Jones, it was the primary textbook for basic Moral Theology and Sacramentology for seminarians prior to Vatican II.

So it was taught as true in the pre-Vatican II seminaries, it would most likely be considered true now.


Yes, that is correct. As long as the quantity is less that that of the remaining Holy water. Most parishes have Holy available so it should not ne a necessity to add tap water, just fill your bottle up at the parish after Mass Sunday.


What about Pope Water? I heard that a drop of Pope Water will sanctify anything.
And if that was the truth, then you could turn the ocean into a giant baptismal fountain with a bottle of Pope Water!


What’s “Pope Water”? I’ve never heard of it, and I’m a cradle Catholic.


Pope Blessed Holy Water!


A priest once said that if he blessed the town water resivour then all of it was holy water.


How about bringing in my own little bottle and refilling the dry fonts. They got rid of the water for lent and I was thinking of putting a little bit in a corner so no one would notice.

That way I could use it each time I walked in without causing sister to wig out on me.

I cannot add tap water to a dry font, I need to sneak in my own bottle.

Would this be wrong?



Ah :slight_smile: I doubt that Holy Water blessed by the Pope is actually more powerful than Holy Water blessed by any priest. After all the power comes from God, not from the priest.

Scylla:- I think you had better respect the choice made by your parish priest. If the font was emptied for Lent, let it remain empty.
Though I see no reason not to bring your own, and bless yourself with it before entering the church building.


I heard that if any water that is on your person if you recieve a Papal Blessing becomes Holy Water. The Blessings of the Pope are more powerful then those of normal priests and Bishops I would expect.


In a word, yes. Respect the decisions made by your pastor, even if you don’t agree with them.


Why, it would be funny and wouldn’t hurt anyone? It can just help by providing a sacramental for those who benefit by it.

We do not have a parish priest we have an pastoral administrator, she decides how to dance at Mass and what the newest trend is.

Maybe I am just a rude person but what is wrong with those actions? Maybe I should start a new thread on respect, this seems like a good topic.

God Bless


We do not have a pastor but a liturgical committee who follows the sister who runs the parish.
Is it really dis-respect, I wouldn’t be doing it out in the open but in a font that isn’t visible to everyone.

To what level do we owe obedience? I am not trying to cause trouble but I do not always take feelings into consideration as feelings don’t matter. Or do they?

God Bless


No it’s not disrepect. The Congregation for Divine Worship has already forbid that practice, so all you are doing is correct their mistake for them. :slight_smile:


Thank you Brendan,

So it would not be disrespectful since I would be correcting a mistake. Regardless of their feelings it should be done.

Is this correct? Maybe it should be done in all parishes where holy water has been drained of the fonts.

Sounds like a discussion.

God Bless


I would doubt that, Caesar. It would require a specific intent on the part of the Holy Father: and why would he do that without informing those he blesses? It sounds to me like some pious idea, born of good intent but without foundation.


Not out in the open? I’m afraid that makes it worse, not better. How can it be respectful to act in secret?

To what level do we owe obedience?

Is the sister demanding that you sin? If not, then, if she was put in charge by the priest or bishop, then she is in charge.

Feelings don’t matter. Or do they?

Yes, I believe they do.


In observance of Lent our fonts were dry as well. Why would one disrespect that?


AS pointed out previously, because the Vatican has forbidden that mode of observance. It is a disrespect to the people to deny them the sacramentals.


Thank you; Sorry…I must have missed that other post some how; I would have deleted my post only it was to late. Why are churches still doing that if the Vatican has told them not to? Sorry I don’t understand.

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