Holy Water etiquette


I am converting to Catholicism from the Baptist church. Am I doing something wrong when I bless myself with holy water? I always have a wet spot on my shirt afterwards and I don’t notice other people with wet spots. I usually dip two fingers in the fount and then make the sign of the cross, but since my fingers are wet, my forehead and my chest get wet. Am I taking too much water? I hope this isn’t a silly question, but I’d be mortified if I’m doing something wrong.


Not sure, but my youngest daughter (5 yrs old) dips her whole hand in there. I get after her, but secretly think it’s funny.


How wet? It’s just water, (although holy). It will dry!


That happens to me often, and I usually forget how it happened. I look down and see a spot and think - oh, no! - I’m wearing a stained blouse - then I realize it’s just holy water.

If you’re wearing something that would get water stained, like silk, use less water. Otherwise, what you’re doing is just fine. No need to be mortified. :slight_smile:



When I saw the title of this thread, I thought it might be about a scene from “The Quiet Man”

John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara were leaving the chapel after mass, John Wayne holds a hand full of holy water for Maureen O’Hara to use… Then the old Irish match maker, played by Berry Fitzgerald, [size=2](I think) says “There’ll be no playing patty fingers in the holy water”[/size] (With a very heavy Irish accent)

One of my favorite movies…


I don’t mind getting wet, but I’m hoping I’m doing it right. Blessing yourself with holy water isn’t really the kind of thing you’d expect lessons in, lol.


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