Holy Water Fonts at Home


I am looking for information on using holy water fonts in our home. Do you put them inside or outside the bedroom doorways? Any comments about this topic would be appreciated.
Thanks. :slight_smile:


I’m guessing you mean something like this, which would just be like a little bowl affixed off to the side of the door frame?

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These typically go inside the room and can be used to bless yourself as you enter or leave. You can put one in each room or each bedroom, but very often people only put one or two in their homes–at the main entrances like the front door–and bless themselves as they enter and leave the house.


I like the one shown here. So many of the others look so saccharine.

How would I keep my cats from getting into it?


You can purchase one that hangs on a door jam and bless yourself on the out of the room.


There’s usually a hanger on them, or a hole that a nail or screw can fit into. At home we have a nail in the doorway and hanf the font on it. We only have one at the front door, but I suppose it’s a good idea to have them in the bedroom too :smiley:


We only have one at the front door also.


The font is for the purpose of blessing us as we leave the house in protection. Think of it as similar to the Mezuzah that the Jews have on their doors. :wink: It is a rememberance of our baptism.

I do know people who have fonts in the bedrooms also. I guess just as a way of having the holy water handy to bless children as they go to bed or get up and start their day. If I did have fonts there I would place them inside the room.


Thank you for all these great answers, everyone! :slight_smile:
We are looking ahead to Christmastime and as our six children have way too much stuff we were thinking of getting them fonts for their bedrooms.
God bless you.


I keep our Holy Water in little antique salt cellars (tiny glass bowls); they are strategically placed about the house… so you can bless yourself in just about every room. They just sit on a corner of the table or desk. Very convenient. And easy to clean and refill.


That’s really a lovely idea. I wonder if it would get spilled here (everything else does!) :smiley:


Get one that looks like a dog… haha, sorry (that would probably not be very respectful and such, but that’s the first thought that came to me)

Humorously apologetic,


MrsHall… it sounds like you have little ones! :wink: If you placed the bowls out of the reach of little hands… I’m sure it would work out for you. God bless.


Yes, I have six kids and three of them are five and under. They are boys and get into EVERYTHING. My mother says I have perfected the art of not crying over spilled milk. :smiley:
Spilled holy water might be a different story.


:rotfl: Awww. Well, God bless you… and your six “little men”. I’m sure that Heaven won’t mind a bit of spilled holy water. It’ll make your house… holier. :rolleyes: :smiley:


Actually my older two are girls, 12 and 10. They help me clean up the messes the boys (8, 5, 3 and 1) are making constantly. :slight_smile:
Maybe some holy water occasionally spilled here and there wouldn’t be so bad!
God bless you, and thanks everyone for your input.


We had a font by the door high up to keep the grandkids from playing in it. We held them up and had them bless us and we blessed them, with the sign of the cross,when they left our home. Our youngest grandchild would not leave the house without being lifted up.


That’s really sweet. It’s practical too to put the font up high. :slight_smile:


Also get yourself a copy of the book “Please don’t drink the holy water”!

For your sons, I love the idea of fonts right inside their bedroom doors. You can also start a tradition of blessing them with holy water before bed. I have a friend who sprinkles a bit on her children’s pillows before sleep. :sleep:


Hello MrsHall, I have one next to my front and one next to my back door,ceramic material is the best ,water does not sour in them. If you have kids at home or visiting overnight.
sprinked some in their rooms before you turn in.Good night, andGod bless you Carlan


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