Holy water in laundry..

My family is non-Catholic, and my Protestant wife has no desire of anything spiritual, even though she claims to be a Christian. I have prayed for her, had others pray for her but she seems hard. A Catholic friend of mine suggested putting some holy water in her wash when i do her wash. I am not sure what that will do, and I thought it a rather odd suggestion. Is there any purpose for it?

New one to me maybe there is a devil in your detergent, continue to pray. My grandmother prayed 10 years for me.

Nooooo… that holy water will get mixed into all sorts of grime and soap, and then sucked into the sewers. It would be sacrilege, just as much as pouring it down the drain if not more. My advice is to get a Green Scapular, get it blessed, and hide it somewhere while saying the prayer on it every day for her conversion. Mary gave that specifically for conversions, among other things.

Sacramentals are tools given to us to help facilitate grace in our lives. I say do it.

Maybe :shrug: But we must be careful to avoid superstition :wink: Ex. “To attribute the efficacy of prayers or of sacramental signs to their mere external performance, apart from the interior dispositions that they demand, is to fall into superstition.”

I’d pray the Rosary a lot for her. :wink: If people were to consistently keep track of the spiritual benefits of the Rosary, the resulting books would simply be discarded as unbelievable. Surely praying the Rosary had a major part in my own conversion.

As someone who has received the Scapular at a young age, I can also tell you that the spiritual benefits of the Scapular and the intercession of Our Lady for those who wear it (even if they never received the imposition from a priest!) have moved quite a few people to conversion and saved quite a few people from final impenitence. If things soften in the future, the Scapular of Mt. Carmel would be my first gift :wink:

I’m with the poster who wants us to avoid superstition. I mean, it can’t hurt, but it will depend on the faith you have in it more than the water itself. Personally, I think continued prayer, and being the best possible husband you can be, treating her with courtesy, kindness and respect, will do far more in terms of conversion than anything else. Be patient and have faith.

(If she is a Christian, as you say, you could buy her a nice gold cross for Christmas and have it blessed and give it to her.)

No, it’s not sacrilege! I regularly have to pour away the holy water from the stoups in the church porch, as it gets surprisingly dirty, and have never heard not to pour it down the usual sink.

It is a sacramental, not a sacrament.

I think the fact that you do your wife’s laundry is awesome. I think you guys out there who do things like laundry and dishes, etc., are awesome. I married an awesome guy like that. :slight_smile:

Just had to tell you that.:slight_smile:

Holy water in the laundry is a new one to me. Have no idea how that would help since it would be diluted and drained away. I have sprinkled holy water on my kids beds if they have been sick or had trouble sleeping (bad dreams), but only as a part of praying for them - not as a secret act.

Even with a green scapular, I wouldn’t look on that as an instant cure. I wouldn’t even hide it, but give it to her as a gift and ask her to keep it as a favor to you. The idea behind a green scapular is similar to lighting candles in the church. You are still praying, but the item (candle, scapular) is there as a physical representation of your presense.

I recommend that you keep praying for her and ask others to keep praying. Ask for the intercession of Sts like Monica and Rita (there are also male equivalents, who prayed for their pagan wives to convert, but I don’t know there names off the top of my head).

*The Power of Holy Water:

From the Autobiography of Saint Teresa of Avila, Chapter 31, 1562 A.D…

“From long experience I have learned that there is nothing like holy water
to put devils to flight and prevent them from coming back again. They also
flee from the Cross, but return; so holy water must have great virtue. For
my own part, whenever I take it, my soul feels a particular and most
notable consolation. In fact, it is quite usual for me to be conscious of a
refreshment which I cannot possibly describe, resembling an inward joy
which comforts my whole soul. This is not fancy, or something which has
happened to me only once. It has happened again and again and I have
observed it most attentively. It is let us say, as if someone very hot and
thirsty were to drink from a jug of cold water: he would feel the
refreshment throughout his body. I often reflect on the great importance of
everything ordained by the Church and it makes me very happy to find that
those words of the Church are so powerful that they impart their power to
the water and make it so very different from water which has not been
One night, too, about this time, I thought the devils were stifling me; and
when the nuns had sprinkled a great deal of holy water about I saw a huge
crowd of them running away as quickly as though they were about to fling
themselves down a steep place.
I will only describe something that happened to me one night of All Souls.
I was in an oratory: I had said one nocturn and was repeating some very
devotional prayers which follow it – they are extremely devotional: we
have them in our office-book – when actually the devil himself alighted
on the book, to prevent me from finishing the prayer. I made the sign of
the Cross and he went away. I then began again and he came back. I think
I began that prayer three times and not until I had sprinkled some holy
water on him could I finish it. At the same moment I saw several souls
coming out of purgatory: their time there must have been nearly up and I
thought that perhaps the devil was trying to impede their deliverance.”*

Around my house holy water goes everywhere. I have even put it in the laundry.
It is the blessing of God on the water that makes it powerful, not the water itself’.
It is not superstition. Just be sure to pray and believe God is moving in your wife’s life.
Just your desire to see her come to the truth shows God moving through you to her.

Also, pray the rosary and try placing a green scapula under her mattress and
pray the prayer that goes with it. “Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.”
Again not superstition,
It is an act of faith, one that shows faith in the power of God and that you are “praying always” as St. Paul instructs us to do in 1 Thessalonian 5:17, “pray without ceasing.”

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That is honestly in all my years hands down the worst thing I have ever read.

Blessed water must go into the piscina, or at the very least into some other consecrated earth. All sacramentals must be interred into consecrated earth; never disposed in the common way. Even if pulverised by flames the ashes of sacramentals still must be interred.

Back to the problem at hand. It is not rocket science. Enthrone the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary in a prominent place in your home.

I agree.

on a more humorous note … try some of this instead


That sounds unusual, why not just keep praying for her.

I understand what you are saying here. To just pour holy water on the ground is not right. To dispose of holy water is to dig a hole in the earth and pour it in there but…

Holy Water should not be left to sit around the house so that it should need to be disposed of. It is to be used to bless ourselves, to bless our children, spouses and homes, computers and more.
The OP wasn’t asking how to dispose of holy water, he wanted to know if he could use it to bless his wife by putting it in the laundry. That is different. Using holy water to bless the people who will be wearing those clothes is not wrong or sacrileges. Again, here is another great link describing the benefits of holy water.


I do agree regarding the enthroning the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Our Blessed Mother.


Trust me, though, that won’t help the situation at hand.

Yes, I have heard that the devil hates when a sacremental is combined with faith to do battle with him…we call it spiritual warfare and yes I have seen it work in my own home and have seen people transformed by the very grace of God!

Last week on EWTN, the show “Women of Grace” had a priest named, Father Joseph Esper and he talked about spiritual warfare and the use of Holy Water in doing battle. It was very interesting: It was either this episode or one from that series on Father Joseph’s book called Saintly Solutions to Common Problems.


I agree with those who have cautioned against superstition. Holy Water isn’t magic water that makes people suddenly believe in the Catholic faith. I also wouldn’t hide a green scapular for the same reasons, besides the fact that scapulars are meant to be worn, not hidden.

Would you feel good if your Protestant wife hid, for example, a copy of an altar call-style, “for your salvation” prayer among your things? You’d likely find it disrespectful and want to avoid any future discussion about her faith.

Pray for her in any way you can, or may I suggest fasting for her? It’s really a lost art.

:D:D:D:D Now I’ve heard everything. I’m sure of it.

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