Holy Water Obtained from Parish for Pagan Ritual


I saw a post on a social media site which described ways for pagans, wiccans or others involved in such activities, to obtain holy water from Catholic Churches.

I found this quite distressing. I consider it a sacrilege. If I’m in the wrong calling it a sacrilege, please correct me.

Have any of you had a personal experience with someone asking for holy water that would be used for pagan ritual? I hope that it’s a rare thing.


I saw a post on a social media site which described ways for pagans, wiccans or others involved in such activities, to obtain holy water from Catholic parishes.
I found this quite distressing. It’s a sacrilege is it not?

I don’t know how to respond to the web article, as I can be a very impatient and not so charitable in dealing with things like this.

If this is in the wrong place please move it to the right forum area.



Yes, you are correct. It is a sacrilege. It makes me feel very sad, too.

No, I haven’t had any personal experience with anyone asking for any holy water for that reason.


You think that’s bad? We’ve had teenagers pretend to receive the Eucharist and then take it out of the church to use in pagan rituals. :eek:

Now the ushers have to stand near the communion ministers to make sure the Eucharists are actually consumed and not taken outside.


I don’t know how pagans or wiccans can use holy water for their rituals, as holy water is sacred, and it is impossible for it to be used for witchcraft. Anything that it touches becomes blessed.


One of the many things I love about the Catholic Church is the loving vigilance and protection they give to the body and blood of Christ, son of God, King of the Universe! It is sad that the ship of these young ones have already drifted out to sea. They will find little besides heartache and emptiness. It is phenomena like this that contributes to the high teen suicide rate we see today IMHO.

We can only hope and pray that this pain will bring them back to the church where they can repent, beg for forgiveness and be forgiven for their sins.


The way I see it, their using holy water in their rituals is no more sacraligous than using regular water. It’s not like they can hurt the Church or God by using it. Now if they’re using consecrated hosts, that’s another matter entirely. Although they still couldn’t hurt God, they would be doing terrible damage to themselves.


well this might sound, unintelligent, but the way i see holy water, it does not contain the presence of Christ, it has no physical power that i know … I can’t grab a bottle of holy water as a Catholic and run around the streets of my town splashing people with it and telling them they are now baptized and are apart of the Catholic faith. * I could, but it would a meaningless act it wouldn’t count *

Now if i can back up on myself i think i should have asked, what do we use holy water for as lay people, other than to bless ourselves when entering the Church, and then more over, why do we do that ? Why is it important to us as Catholics to bless ourselves with Holy Water upon entering.

Once one answers that, I think then it might be safe to say, what ever Pagan Rituals might want the use of Holy Water for, are thus an empty act any way you look at it. These people may get their jollies off of using Holy Water, but it isn’t as if they can use Holy Water to make something that is against God to thus be acknowledge by God.

The misuse of the Eucharist though by people is a matter worth fighting for, i don’t think i would personally hesitate to pop a young kid upside the head if i saw him trying to abuse the Eucharist and not consume it and walk off with it.


I didn’t know anything about people trying to obtain holy water. That’s a new one for me.


Surely, it’d be sacriligious to misuse holy water. This is new to me, as I say.


I can see occultists or possibly Satanists doing this, but I can’t see Wiccans or pagand doing this. It’s not their schtick.

For a Catholic sacramental (holy water, blessed item) to have any efficacy in a Wiccan ritual, said Wiccans would have to recognize the power of the Trinity (or any of the Persons thereof), which, in my experience, Wiccans do not. And sneaking holy items out of someone else’s holy space seems to me to be about blasphemy, which is more up the Satanist’s alley. Or people like PZ Myers. :shrug:


Maybe it would mess up their “ritual” and perhaps bring some of them out of that and back to Christ! But I’m an optimist, and also believe God can use such things to reach others.

I have heard of them using a Consecrated Host in their rituals – don’t know what they do with it, but I pray for the insult to Our Lord.

Wonder what they do with Holy Water – throw it on their members maybe??


Where would they get a consecrated Host?


From what I was taught when I became an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, they simply attend a Mass, go through the Communion Line, and pocket the Consecrated Host. We are taught to watch as people go past the Chalice to make certain they consume the Host. If it looks like they are just carrying it back to the pews or seats, we very quietly tell them to please consume the Host. If they don’t want to, we ask them to give it to us. Haven’t had it happen to me yet, but I still watch, as we have a small group of these people in the area.


In addition to the above, I looked on a couple of sites and discovered that a lot of pagans wouldn’t bother with taking from the Church as they have their own rituals regarding water (preferably taken from a stream). It just sounds as if the OP is referring to Satanists or to Pagans who are moving towards Satanism.


The EMHCs in my parish don’t seem to do that. They just look off into space. Apparently, no one thinks that guarding the Eucharist is important anymore. :rolleyes:

Another reason why I prefer communion on the tongue. It would be better for an unbaptized person to receive than for a Host to be taken and desecrated. :thumbsup:


Since most pagans and Satanists probably do not possess a valid priesthood, they wouldn’t be able to validly bless the water. :thumbsup:


True. I never said it was valid, did I. By the way, to get that information, I did end up at the weirdest site ever (:whackadoo:). It actually gave information on how you could (allegedly) bless the water yourself :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl: Obviously it wasn’t a Catholic site, it was a sort of unbelievers site, trying to demonstrate that it was rationally and fairly looking at things whilst either (1) not being intelligent enough to research fully and properly or (2) sneakily distorting the truth. It had some other strange and weird ideas :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:


I would think that using holy water or a consecrated host would be a very grave sacrelige. As troubling as it is to me that these sacred elements would be desecrated; the heathens doing the desecrating are asking for a massive helping of pain, misery, and suffering should they not mend their ways and repent. I think they will be the ones “troubled” by this…


I would think that HOLY water would be the last thing that the UNholy people like satanists would want. We know from exorcists that holy water is one of the first things they sprinkle on those possessed by a demon. Then why would the demon or satan want holy water around in their service, it would seem that would be the last thing Mr. Satan would want.

So if they are stealing holy water, good luck with that. A person has to be careful what they wish for, because they just might get it.

We might even put some holy water into bottles with the label “for the satanists to use in their services.” Maybe add a little Lourdes water to it as well, with a St.
Benedict medal at the bottom for good measure.

We might even put some adds in the newspaper to help them pick it up.

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