Holy Water Questions.

I have a couple of questions.

Firstly I suddenly remembered that when growing up my we used to have a tiny font inside our front door and my mum would always dip her fingers into the Holy Water before she went out anywhere. Is this a good thing for people to have? Do you have this at home?

Secondly, what other things can we use Holy Water for? Can we use it for ourselves? Does it have healing properties? Can we use it to pray?


Holy Water is a sacramental and like other sacramentals it can aid in our prayer life. I have a holy water font at each of the entries to my house to remind me of my baptism that is what a font is suppose to do.
From the Catholic Dictionary

Sacramental blessed by a priest, invoking God’s blessing on all who use it. Blessed water is a symbol of spiritual cleansing, and its use is advised in moments of physical danger and against temptations from spiritual enemies. I is common practice to dip one’s fingers in holy water and reverently make the Sign of the Cross as one enters a Catholic church, and it is recommended for use in the home. Holy water is used in all blessings. There are, besides ordinary holy water, baptismal holy water, used with chrism in the conferring of public baptism, and Easter water specially blessed for use during the paschal time.

It should not be used in a superstitious way in that it has supernatural properties in and of itself.

Holy water is a sacramental that we use to renew our baptismal promises. It’s an aid to prayer for many and a reminder of the waters of baptism in which we were cleansed of the stain of original sin.

Hi Nelka,

I have two holy water fonts at home. One by the front door as you come in, and one in our master bedroom.

I definitely pray with it when I use it to bless myself.

It is also used to ward off evil, too, as it is used in exorcisms.

I have a Holy Water font at every entrance doorway in the house as well as at the doorway to every bedroom. Holy Water is a Sacramental to remind us of our Baptism. I bless myself with Holy Water before leaving or entering the house & before entering my bedroom. It should not be used for any superstitous purposes.

I bless myself with holy water from a font near my front door. While doing so I have a prayer intention that my children’s baptisms be renewed.

I’m not sure what you mean by “superstitious purposes”. It seems to me that to some who dont understand what it is used for, could place rightful uses of holy water under that category. For example, to some, the sprinkling of holy water in their homes to bless their house and ward off evil might seem superstitious usage of holy water.

I keep a bottle of Holy Water with me most of the time in my pocket. I don’t use it very often, sometimes before prayer at night, but I find it comforting to keep with me during my day.

I will get a font sometime, but if you don’t get a deep one, it will evaporate quickly.

Some people light candles when they pray, I thought some might use Holy Water when they pray too.

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