Holy water

We usually obtain holy water for blessing ourselves at home from the font at church like other people in the parish .When we needed more and mentioned it to the priest when he visited our home , he told us to fill a (small) bottle of water from the tap and he then blessed it . Is this usual ?

As far as I know, this is completely acceptable. A priest is able to bless water as necessary anywhere.

Sure, water is water, & when blessed by a Priest, it becomes holy water:)

That’s the same way tyhey do it at the church. They just use a bigger bottle.

Actually, I believe they add a certain salt, and there is a certain blessing, no?

holy water is holy water because a priest has blessed it. The water blessed at our parish and put int hte large font is tap water. We members of the altar society clean the church and prepare the sacristy for the weekend masses every Friday. any time the holy water font is low, we bring it to the office;s attention. Then we fill up several jugs to refill it, and one of our priests is sent to bless it for us.

not sure I understand the question, yes the normal procedure is for the priest to bless ordinary water, that is how it becomes holy water.

That is a great story! Yes, your priest blessing it makes it official holy water. :smiley: …Same as you would get out of the holy water font at church.

The blessed salt is optional.

I obtain Holy Water from church, and then mix it liberally with blessed salt at home. And I can tell you, in spiritual terms, blessed salt has a real kick to it. I not only bless myself with this mixture at least once a day; I also make the figure of the cross on my forehead. AND, I also sprinkle a little blessed salt on most of the food I eat, and also sprinkle just a bit into a cup of water before I drink it. Crazy? Maybe, maybe not. But it all adds up. We’re just down here long enough to take this little test, and I take my final grade very, very seriously.

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