Holy Water


A couple weeks ago (near beginning of June) I went to a Catholic Mass in Barcelona. However, there was no Holy Water? I saw no one else cross themselves with water as they came in/out so it’s not a matter that I didn’t find it. Is this normal at all at any time of the liturgical year?


Were their sponges with holy water soaked in them? Then you would cross yourself with it? Very weird. The ONLY exception I can think of is Good Friday service, no holy water in the fount…


Pax Christi!

Were there any fonts at all? Were they empty/dry? They normally are dry during Lent. If there are no fonts at all, that’s strange.

God bless.


No, the emptying of fonts during Lent is an abuse.


It may just be as easy that they ran out of water. Our do all the time, the ushers have instructions to check them and keep them filled.


It was a church with many visitors and tourists and people may peak into and look at the main area of the Church. The Mass took place in a much smaller parish on the side. It seemed that there was no water font at all, none I could find.


Sometimes during a particularly bad flu outbreak, they will empty the holy water fonts as a public health measure.


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