HOLY WEEK - an invitation

To all Catholics, non-Catholics, and members of other faiths - a special welcome and an invitation to join the Church in a week of prayer. We Catholics take this opportunity to look at our lives in a new way, to pray and contemplate the meaning of Christ’s passion and its redemptive power.

If you are a non-believer, read the appropriate passage from the New Testament and take time to ponder why it is of such importance to us.

God bless us all.

Not trying to sound like a jerk (it’s an honest question really) but shouldn’t we be doing this sort of contemplative prayer all the time?

Of couse.

Lutherans are already with you :thumbsup:


Yes we should. :thumbsup:

Indeed; along with Lectio Divina.

This made me smile.
It felt good to read it.
Thanks Jon - God bless you!

My thought exactly . My sister asked me last wee when was Easter? I laughed and said I really didn’t know…other than it was the first Sunday on or after the first full moon after the spring equinox. She laughed and asked.why I didn’t know?

Friends typically don’t spend too much time choosing dates on the calendar to “celebrate” the resurrection or the nativity, not because there is anything wrong with it… But the witness of Friends is unless Christ is born into our hearts each day in a newness of Life, why pick A day for such things when other Nativity is a daily event, not a one day celebration.

So to the resurrection, each day we walk with the Risen One… We share Incarnation with Him, He Lives more surely than we do…but One Day we will be like Him…so one day a year…or once a week…each day must be Resurrection Day in order for the calendar day set aside for it to mean anything.

For me at least when I do realize that this First Day is “Easter” on the calendar, I am grateful for Friends recognition that “Easter occurs each day.”

By way of analogy:
I am a fifth grade teacher in a public school. There is, specifically, 2 1/2 hours per day that I dedicate to the teaching of reading. However, it is also true that I am teaching reading all day long.


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