Holy Week Schedule


Has anyone of you planned a schedule for Holy Week yet? I just finish mine. I’m planning to participate to the activities of a very good parish about 15 minutes of driving from my place. I must be a full week of activities.


My plans are not finalized quite yet. That will have to wait until I see Holy Week schedules from a few parishes. But, I did take Holy Week off from work. Here is what I have tentatively planned:

Palm Sunday

  • High Mass (Extraordinary Form) in the morning

  • Vespers and Benediction in the evening

  • Compline at the Cathedral at night

-Mass (either in the EF in the morning or the OF in the afternoon)

**Tuesday **

  • Chrism Mass at the Cathedral in the evening

**Wednedsay **

  • Tenebrae at one of 2 parishes

Holy Thursday

  • Low Mass (Extraordinary Form)

  • Mass of the Lord’s Supper (Ordinary Form)

  • Adoration - there is a tradition of visiting the Blessed Sacrament in 7 Churches on Holy Thursday. I don’t know if I will end up at 7 but I do plan on visiting several parishes this night

Good Friday

  • Good Friday Liturgy (Extraordinary Form) at noon

  • Good Friday Liturgy (Ordinary Form) at 3PM

  • Stations of the Cross in the evening

Holy Saturday

  • Easter Vigil - not sure where yet but there are plenty of options

**Easter Sunday
**- High Mass (Extraordinary Form) in the morning

  • Maronite Divine Liturgy in the evening


Weather permitting… our Holy Week “plan” will probably be:

Wednesday: daily Mass

Holy Thursday: visit from our Extraordinary Minister

Good Friday: daily Mass and Stations of the Cross

Wish I could get to daily Mass, each day of Holy Week. But just not possible for my mother. So, we will “offer it up”. I also plan to watch Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” sometime, on Good Friday.

God bless.


My Holy Week consists of working almost non stop for 8 days from Palm Sunday until 2PM Easter Sunday…then I go home and pass out and don’t wake up until Monday afternoon if I am lucky.


I haven’t decided yet. Our public school system does take Good Friday off so I’ll at least be off work one day. Of course I’ll be going to Holy Thursday and Good Friday Services and Holy Saturday to the Easter Vigil (I think all of us converts continue going to that service!). We will start our new Bible study topic that Wednesday over Sirach. But other than that, I haven’t decided.


My holy week plans:

Monday & Tuesday: Daiy Mass provided I have no meetings to attend in the morning before school

Wednesday - Daily Mass in the morning - Tenebrae in the evening

Thursday - some year I will take off of work and attend the Chrism Mass. For this year, though, I will attend the Mass of the Lord’s Supper in the evening, and hope that Father washes feet this year, and doesn’t have us washing hands. Afterwards, I will spend some time in Eucharistic Adoration, and may try to attend this at other parishes, as well.

Friday - Good Friday Service at 3 pm

Saturday - my boys are serving at Mass, so we will have a practice in the morning around 10. We will attend the Easter Vigil that night.

Sunday - I will probably travel to my parents’ house to see relatives that have flown in from “up north”


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