Holy week

I thought I’d just start a thread that didn’t deal with controversy or argument…just a little break during Holy Week. I haven’t been able to go to daily Mass so far this week, as I have a nasty cold. So…I’ve been “praying the Mass” using my Latin/English Missal. For those of you who couldn’t attend either…


[quote] thought I’d share part of today’s Epistle with you. It’s the prophecy of the crucifixion from Isaih:

"…Despised & most abject of men, a man of sorrows & acquainted with infirmity; and His look, it was as it were hidden & despised, whereupon we esteemed Him not. Surely, He hath borne our infirmities & carried our sorrows; and we have thought of Him as if He were a leper, and as one struck by God & afflicted.

But, he was wounded for our inquities, He was bruised for our sins; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, & by His bruises we are healed."


Of course, the Epistle is longer than that, But aren’t those words beautiful?

I would love to hear from some of you about how you celebrate this most blessed of Holy Days. When my children were little we started with the **The Easter Egg **

Did you know that he Easter Egg predates the Christian holiday of Easter. The exchange of eggs in the springtime is a custom that was centuries old when Easter was first celebrated by Christians.

From the earliest times, the egg was a symbol of rebirth in most cultures. Eggs were often wrapped in gold leaf or, if you were a peasant, **colored brightly **by boiling them with the leaves or petals of certain flowers.

When really small, I explained the significance of the Easter Eggs to our children when they got up on Easter morning to find a Basket full of candy & colored Eggs. When they got older & wanted to color the Eggs themselves, we talked about how the human race was REBORN through the death of Christ & His Resurrection.

I’d love to hear from any of you about Easter Prayers that particularly touch you…stories of your own tradition & BTW., does anyone have a Dogwood tree that is already blooming. Ours won’t be until almost the first of May.:frowning:

I’m somewhat of a newlywed (two years or so) and no kids yet, so we still need to establish some of what we do as a “family”. I’ve been thinking about throwing down the novena for the Divine Mercy this Easter though (haven’t done the full novena before). There’s something about it which struck me the past couple of days.

That’s a GREAT idea, it’s supposed to begin on Good Friday. And don’t worry…the Easter Traditions will come with those kids.

Have a blessed Holy Week!!

been spending time with the readings from the Vigil, in solidarity with the catechumens who have been asked to reflect on them and to attend the other services of Holy Week. We usually only hear 3 of the OT readings and since together all of them tell the salvation story it seems fitting. they will be the basis of our retreat Saturday morning.

housecleaning is finished except changing sheets and final vacuuming, grandkids are coming in Thursday which leaves Friday morning for bunny work (they are preschoolers), Friday afternoon for church and rest. I will be at church all day and night Saturday. Teenage granddaughter will help with the retreat for the children, she needs confirmation service hours, while grandpa entertains the troops including filling plastic eggs for a hunt Sunday afternoon. We are going to have a picnic in the park, ham sandwiches & potato salad, hunt for eggs and hang out, probably go swimming (it will be in the 80s all week). then South Padre Island on Monday, San Antonio on Tuesday, they fly back home Wed. Grandma sleeps all day Thursday while Grandpa golfs.

Oh, I also have to fit in a pulmonary function test & chest xray, plus breast biopsy during Holy Week, but they are relatively minor considerations with everything else going on.

Yup, Good Friday to Divine Mercy Sunday. My wife is a big fan of Saint Faustina, so it makes sense for us to do it.

We I’m only 28, she’s 26. We have lots of time to make our own traditions :slight_smile:

I am the liturgy director for a large parish, so I really don’t have much time to do anything except get the parish ready for the Triduum. Rehersals, putting books together, making sure the cndles are put in the holders, seeing to the flowers, sitting with the priests to make sure they know what they are doing (since they only get to preside and one the the Triduum services every three or four years depending on how many priests are here, they forget what to do - I kid you not), writing petitions, ansering phone calls, getting last minute substitutes for liturgical ministers, setting up the overflow space for the extra masses. the only time I really get to sit is on Holy Saturday, after the decorating is done and everyone is gone, then I get to sit in church for an hour until I have to run home to get ready to come back for the Vigil. The one thing I miss about not being in the postiion I am in is the ability to really enter into the Triduum.

I am doing my best to attend all the Holy Week services this year as I took a vacation week. Monday we had a Taize service–very beautiful. Tonight we had Evening Prayer. Tomorrow night is a Tenebrae service, and then the Triduum. There is also the Chrism Mass and the Seder Meal, which I will not be attending. This is the first year I have done the whole week, and the first year I fully realized the time and preparation our musicians and choir put into this week (as well as everybody else). I knew it took a lot of time, but didn’t realize that some of these people are going to be in church every night and also on Sunday, and all of this has required a lot of practice and a great deal of sacrifice on their parts. I am forever going to quit complaining about some of the music at our church, which is probably better than many have, and instead make an effort to appreciate their hard work, and the hard work of everyone involved. Our Deacon already looks tired, and it’s only Tuesday. God has opened my eyes to a lot in the past few days, especially in appreciating my fellow parishoners considerable efforts to make Lent and Holy Week a meaningful experience for all of us.

That seems like an awful lot of work for one person to do. Doesn’t your parish have committees to take over some of these functions? Is yours a paid position? We don’t have a Liturgy Director per se, such as you are describing, but it’s more a function of various committees. God bless you for all your hard work.

You all sound so busy & I’m feeling a bit of pressure myself. I’ll have a minimum of 22 people here for 3 days. All of my children & Grandchildren & one of my sons is bringing his brother-in-law’s family.
On top of all of that my own Brother is in the hospital & was moved back into Intensive Care today.

I sure don’t want to get so caught up in the cooking that I forget what this week really means. It’s only what Christ did for us on the first Holy Week, that causes me to be able to let my brother go if it is His will.

The Introit for today’s Mass has helped me, so I’m going to pass it on:

“For it behooves us to glory in the cross of our Lord, Jesus Christ, in Whom is our salvation, life & Resurrection. : by Whom we are saved & delivered. May God have mercy on us & bless us. May He cause the light of His countenance to shine upon us, & may He have mercy on us.”

My car is down. Truck is up, but consumes lots of fuel. Daily EF is not an option. So I decide to bite the bullet and start checking the local OF parishes for daily mass. I normally pray the Rosary in the morning while walking my dog. Last Wed, I stumble upon a relatively new parish in my town. Modular buildings, no kneelers, no one around. But on the property is an outdoor stations of the cross setup. Cool. So I do the stations from my missal. On my way out I meet a woman who is just opening up the chapel for their daily Rosary. Is there daily mass? Yes, M-T-W the Pastor offers OF Mass. TH & FRI she served as a lay presider in a Holy Communion [only] service. So, What does the pastor do on TH & FRI? Oh he offers mass at another local parish. OK. Later.

So it’s now THU and the feast of the Annunciation. I find out that the other parish is actually closer to my home. I hustle over for 7pm Mass. I take my seat and discover that I’m the only non-Vietnamese person in the church. Suddenly the entire congregation began praying - in Vietnamese! I wasn’t until I heard the first repetition that I realized that they were praying the Rosary. So I find my place on my own Rosary and quietly recited the responses in Latin. The mass that followed was obviously a big deal to the congregation. A full vernacular OF High Mass with a choir of forty. Every word in Vietnamese. Fantastic.

So now its FRI. I head back to the church with the outdoor stations - to do the indoor daily Rosary. When I arrive at 6:30am there are two women there. They gave me a pamphlet and we split up the decades and intro prayers. Is it OK if I say the Aves and Paters in Latin? Sure, they said. So off we go. Woman #1 begins praying her Aves and Paters in Spanish. Then woman #2 says hers in Tagalog, then me in Latin. All responses in English. What an adventure. After we were done, we agreed to do it again. Next time with at least five participants and five different languages. How sporting!

Had to work on Saturday so I could not get to Mass.

Palm Sunday, I borrowed the wife’s car and headed to my regular EF Mass. Got there late and missed the palm blessing. So after that Mass was over, I decide to to hustle on over the the SSPX parish for their 10am Palm Mass. When I got there, I found out that the Palm Sunday liturgy would be offered by formerly excommunicated, now vindicated, SSPX Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais! After Mass he blessed and signed my 1962 Missal.

TUE morning I participated in the daily Rosary in five languages [Vietnamese and French were added]. Everyone is talking about making cheat-sheets in their assigned language to distribute to the other participants. Not bad for a OF parish without kneelers. Can’t wait.

I get volunteers to help with some of the stuff but mostly it ends up with me doing it. Yes it is a paid position but as Pastoral Associate not liturgy director alone, so among the other things I had to do this week was teach a class, interview for baptisms and answer phone calls and questions. Last night I got home around 10:30, tonight’s rehearsal for the vigil will start earlier so I might get home at a decent hour. This is my busiest season next to CHristmas, but I sure wish I could just relax and take in all the liturgies instead of “working them” so to speak. But I LOVE what I do. Of all the liturgies, Good Friday is the one that I really don’t have to stand in the wings (AKA the sacristy door) to see if anyone needs something, so I get to sit on the end of one of the front pews and really pray the liturgy. I love the Vigil but since I am also RCIA coordinator that keeps me running. I actually wear sneakers since I literally run around.

Mick–sounds like you’ve made a terrific discovery in the 2 new parishes!

Joannm and Puzzleannie, thank you for your contributions to your parishes!

I didn’t have off this week and for the first time in a long time haven’t been able to go to Mass every day during holy week (M-Th). But my son is serving Holy Thursday and Easter Vigil, both of which will be beautiful and so reverent. We’ll also go to liturgy on Good Friday and to a wonderful exhibit of religious art in the morning.

EasterJoy reminded me of the plenary indulgence for attending Mass and praying for priests on the first Thursday (tomorrow) (usual conditions apply–she has a thread in Liturgy&Sacraments with details).

Because of work, I haven’t even bought extra eggs, let alone dyed them. Perhaps on Holy Saturday…

Great thread CradleCath ! And love hearing of everyone’s week ahead :slight_smile:

This week is the first time since I came back to the Church that I will be able to attend all Triduum doings at my parish. My work schedule has prevented me from doing them all in the past, but I’m off this week.

Mass of the Lord’s Supper tomorrow w/Exposition and Adoration after Mass

Lord’s Passion at 3pm Friday, Stations of The Cross and Veneration of the Relic of the True Cross at 7pm

Solemn Easter Vigil Saturday

Extraordinary Form Mass 12:30 p.m Easter Sunday

Deo gratias

I didn’t know of that indulgence, thanks for mentioning it :slight_smile:

I’m so glad that you are enjoying this, it’s really helping me, too. My Easter plans, meal plans, etc. are changing…it seems like every hour. My Brother has been in the hospital since Mar. 17th. We thought that he might be improving, but yesterday they returned him to the ICU… He’s on a breathing machine, a dialysis machine & so many IV. tubes that I remember the count. He is very sedated.

As it stands now, my children & Grandchildren will be here tomorrow…so I’m shopping for our meatless meals & cooking ahead as much as I can. Just taking it hour by hour. I’m truly hoping that all of us…4 children, 4 children-in-law & 8 Grandchildren…will be able to attend the Stations of the Cross together tomorrow night which will be followed by the Traditional Latin Liturgy for Good Friday.

My prayer for today is from the Epistle for the Chrism Mass:

“Are any of you sad? Let him pray. If he is cheerful of mind, let him sing. Is any man sick among you? Let him bring the priests of the Church & let them pray over him, anointing him with the oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith shall save the sick man.** And the Lord shall raise him up, & if he be in sins, they shall be forgiven him.” **

Man…everyone is having a huge busy week. For once, I actually DON’T have a busy weekend. Going to Church tomorrow and Sunday morning with the Mrs, probably going to do the novena for the Divine Mercy…and that’s pretty much it.

Tough situation with your brother, CradleCath. I’ll toss up some prayers (specifically during Good Friday’s service).

Many Thanks!!!:slight_smile:

…My prayer for today is from the Epistle for the Chrism Mass:

“Are any of you sad? Let him pray. If he is cheerful of mind, let him sing. Is any man sick among you? Let him bring the priests of the Church & let them pray over him, anointing him with the oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith shall save the sick man.** And the Lord shall raise him up, & if he be in sins, they shall be forgiven him.” **

So sorry to hear of your brother, I’ve placed a small note in my missal and will pray for him during tomorrow’s intercessions as well.

Although we are in the process of renovating a new house and getting ready to move in later this month, we have been fortunate in being able to attend Triduum services at our parish (Immaculate Conception Fitchburg MA) . Last night we had a beautiful and moving Holy Thursday Mass in the Extraordinary Form, bittersweet because this is probably the first time this Mass in the EF was prayed at Immaculate Conception since the 1960’s and probably the last since the church will be closing on July 1. :frowning:

After the Mass itself, the congregation followed the procession to the altar of repose located in an adjacent chapel singing the Pange Lingua. At the chapel we sang the Tantum Ergo, then several people stayed to watch before the blessed sacrament until midnight. In the meantime the celebrant and acolytes returned to the main church for stripping of the altar followed by Compline.

Today we will be having stations of the cross at 3 PM followed by the Good Friday service (again in the EF), then the Easter Vigil at 10 PM Saturday.

May you all have a blessed and happy Easter.

It’s just fantastic to think about all of the prayers that have been said & will be said this week…just by the people in this thread. Prayers for Good Friday:


by the suffering of Christ your Son
you have saved is all from the death
we inherited from sinful Adam.
By the law of nature
we have borne the likeness of his manhood.
May the sanctifying power of grace
help us to put on the likeness of our Lord in heaven
who lives and reigns for ever and ever.

Thanks also for the prayers for my brother. God bless you all.

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