Home Altars, anyone?

Does anyone have one in their home and if so, how do you have it arranged?

As a sort-of homeowner right now, and a future homeowner in a few years if all goes according to plan, I intend to revive this tradition. It seems a beautiful and special way of bringing one’s faith into one’s home as opposed to the modern mentality of leaving it in church.

There is a HUGE ongoing thread with photos here somewhere - do a search for it. You won’t be disappointed.


Yep, got one in my home. I’d post a picture of it here but I find this website not very user friendly when it comes to posting a photo. (either that or I’m just a brick, which may be true) I’ll try again

We have a small one, but I don’t have a picture of it. We have a crucifix, a few saint statues, a couple of candles and holy water. I sometimes add flowers, and I always change the cloth with the liturgical season.

Corsair, is that your home altar? Very nice. :thumbsup:

I have two in our home. Even as a child I had one in my bedroom with a vigil candle always burning, even when I slept.

That’s absolutely beautiful!
It’s Church-Worthy!

That’s a good one, Loyal Views…“Church–Worthy.” That it is.

Oh, and also…if you haven’t found the other thread for Home Altars, here is the link…
Home Altars


I sort of “styled” it after a church Altar. I don’t have the Relic stone but I have a Relic of St.Pius X. I believe its a second class relic. Will be trying to purchase a reliquary next so that I can display it properly for veneration.

I also have a fairly extensive vestment collection; both Roman and Gothic. This is one hobby that can really get spiritual.

Don’t have one yet, but my sons (8 & 5) and I will be breaking ground in the next few weeks on a chapel for prayer and meditation (we live out in the country). I’ll be building one in there, in the traditional style, for them to say their pretend Masses. Can’t wait!

Oh yes of course! It is made of Glass. I have a statue of Our Lady and St. Michael on either side. And I have a Picture of the Sacred Heart, with a small pile of Holy Books.

Ah, thanks! I must not have broadened my search parameters enough.

Great answers, everyone! :thumbsup:

How beautiful the pictures, and the desire to have a sacred space in your home!!!

I started with my fireplace, with the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the mantle with a candle, and next to Him a statue of Mary with flowers.

You can also make miniature altars with candles, paten, linens, etc. to teach your children the sign of the cross and the parts of the Mass.

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