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I asked my priest to bless my apartment, so he is coming over in a couple of days. I know it is appropriate to give the priest a gift for a baptism or wedding, but is it also proper for me to give him a present and/or pay him for my blessing my home? Thanks.

I would say yes. Maybe, depending on the time he’s coming over, you might ask if he would stay for lunch or dinner? Your parish secretary is also a good resource to ask.

Thanks for your answer, I never thought about a meal either but that is also a good idea. This is not where I grew up either, different culture and customs, so I probably should ask at the office also, or maybe I can ask the Sisters. Thanks again.

The Sisters are always a wonderful source of information. :wink:

The office will probaly know if your priest is free to stay for a meal after the blessing, or will be able to block out that time already. (I was secretary to a busy priest, the only full time one in a geographically large parish.)

Delighted to see “Catechumen” on your profile, its been a madly busy time of year and compter time has been serious (for work) or fun (as in the lighter threads on CAF) so this is new information to me, welcome.

Thanks Vivienne and yes I just became a catechumen a couple of weeks ago and I’m very excited! :slight_smile: The city I live in is over 90% Catholic so converts are somewhat of a novelty; I am the only one in the parish currently. Consequently one of the Sisters, who teaches catechism to the children of the parish, is now instructing me privately. I’m getting to know her and the other Sisters very well and I’m loving being a part of the parish and the Church. :slight_smile:

And good idea about asking to have the priest’s time blocked off also, I will see about that, thanks.

My daughter was also a “private catechumen” and I think the nun who instructed her really enjoyed the sessions. She became much beloved by the Sisters who observed an hour of prayer when she had her c-section in April last year and when she goes to the Convent now, even the infirm Sisters come as fast as they can to see the baby whom they all love so much. I think it was the prayers of my daughter’s teacher that gave me the final kick into the Catholic church. :smiley:

We did not pay the priest who blessed our home, but we did have a lovely dinner with him (and the family who also attended) and then ate the top of our wedding cake for dessert! It was the 1st anniversary of our wedding and the priest who blessed our house was also the priest who married us. :smiley:

I am living in a rental house with 4 other women involved in our Newman Center. We had our priest from the Newman Center come over after Sunday Mass for a meal and to bless the house. I don’t think you need to give him a gift. I think a meal is a nice expression of gratitude.

Wow what a nice story. I think the Sister who is instructing me is also very pleased to do so. I am getting to know her and the other Sisters of her congregation quite well. I’ve always had a soft spot for Sisters as two different congregations back in the States pretty much raised me as a child. Now I am “giving back” in the sense that I’m currently volunteering with them over the summer, with the program they have for children. Between that and my work its keeping me quite busy but I’m enjoying it immensely. Its also interesting to see Sisters at work through my now adult eyes.

Thanks Sr Sally and emhanson. The dinner was a great idea which I will consider for future occasions, but this time I ended thinking of something creative. I’m an amateur painter, amateur in the sense that I never went to art school, and I paint simply as a hobby. My friends say I am pretty good, they like my work, but who knows. I just know I enjoy it, its relaxing. Since coming into the Church I’ve started experimenting with painting religious themes. I decided to paint a picture for my priest, of his patron saint. I basically “copied” from an old holy card of said saint, trying to make it as authentic as possible. I gave it to my priest along with a card. He was thrilled with it and said he’s putting it up in his office.

I had my apartment blessed a couple months after I moved in. I also had a meal - I had subs from Subway for lunch

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