Home Chapels

There have been threads about home altars, and shrines…but I am yet to see one about home chapels so…Show off your home chapel! Show everyone the fruits of your labour and post pictures or tell about your home chapel! Unless there already is one that I have missed…

Catechism 2691

The choice of a favorable place is not a matter of indifference for true prayer.

  • For personal prayer, this can be a “prayer corner” with the Sacred Scriptures and icons, in order to be there, in secret, before our Father. In a Christian family, this kind of little oratory fosters prayer in common.


Oh yes, but that is kind of what I meant :slight_smile: Sorry for my stubbornness, for I am at a loss of word tonight to explain anything! Because, you see…on the Home altars tab, I see lots of little oratories and shrines, etc…

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