Home Depot Hosts Children’s Workshop at Gay Pride Festival

Home Depot Hosts Children’s Workshop at Gay Pride Festival


By Kathleen Gilbert

PORTLAND, Maine, June 22, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The American Family Association (AFA) has launched a protest against Home Depot for setting up a children’s workshop at the Southern Maine Pride Festival, which took place from June 13-20 in Portland, Maine.

The AFA pointed out that homosexual “pride” events are generally marked by obscene displays, including nudity and public sex acts.

The Home Depot, which the AFA says conducted Kid’s Craft Workshops at the festival, is shown as a sponsor of the event on the 2010 Southern Maine Pride website.

“To this end, Home Depot is basically encouraging the attendance of children at events which openly expose them to transvestites, cross-dressers, and homosexual activists,” said Tom Wildmon, president of the AFA, in an email to supporters Monday

That’s it for Home Depot my former favourite store where I have spent thousands of dollars.I have sent an email to the US store responsible for this trajedy and informed the management of home Depot in St Catharines Ontario that I will not spend one more penny in that store which victimises innocent childrten and exposes them to public obscenity.I urge all poster and readers of CAF to do the same and tell your friends,relatioons and neighbours.

Do you know that the children were exposed to public obscenity? The article doesn’t say they were. It does cite the president of AFA saying that, in general, pride fests have such. But that doesn’t seem to apply to the Southern Maine Pride fest.

The rules of Southern Maine Pride have a dress code and requires that “costumes and other apparel worn in the Parade must comply with any Obscenity Statutes of the State of Maine and/or any public decency ordinances of the City of Portland.” It notes that the City of Portland will enforce its dress code.

Southern Maine Pride also regulates the conduct of its participants. It forbids “profanity, obscene gestures, or other improper conduct”. This includes “Sexual paraphernalia, genital or phallic representations, real or simulated sexual acts.”

I’m not convinced that the children of this workshop were exposed to any obscenity. Certainly neither LifeSite nor the president of AFA cited any instances.

Condemning Home Depot seems to be unwarranted.

Read the article carefully Dale

The AFA pointed out that homosexual “pride” events are generally marked by obscene displays, including nudity and public sex acts.They are illegal at the Toronto “Pride” PARADE AND THEY HAPPEN WITH REGULARITY with the cops watching and doing NOTHING.They happen in San Francisco with absolute regularity and you want to tell me there are no public ordinances against complete public nudity replete with sex acts-so where are the arrests.You know the politicians and cops get their shorts in a knot just considirering busting someone for public felatio and buggery.And this child abuse happens in front of innocent children because of the idiocy of anything goes immoral.parents too irresponsible to even have hamsters, let alone children.

The usual excuse is that its "part of their culture"well harvesting seals is part of mine,guess who gets the most approbation and protestors and death threats,.

All that may be true, but San Francisco and Toronto are not southern Maine. Community standards differ. I once attended the Pride festival in the town in which I live, and it was remarkably tame.

It is an error to claim that children were exposed to obscenity in Maine without knowing what actually happened there.

What they are exposed to is that homosexuality is presented as normal rather than an unexplained affliction that plagues 1.2% of the population which while not obscene in itself is very questionable behaviour when so many of us are trying to prevent the premature sexualization of our Children.

Call it what you will,homosexuality is not the norm,nor normal.Its part of the greater effort tyo normalise homosexuality in the eyes of the nations and where better a place to start than with innocent children.Shame on Home Depot.No more of my money to them.Rona,yes,Canadian tire yes,because they espouse MY values and are not trying to manufacture consent thru kids as they are attempting to do thru our schools.

I really hope you are prepaired to live in the woods and producing all your own food. There is not many major companies that does not have some contribution to the LGBT community. Just by being on this internet site your are breaking that rule by the companies that provide the tech for internet usage.

One chooses one’s enemies and one chooses ones battles.

Comments like yours do not help matters-“don’t do anything because they ALL do it”.Perhaps if we as Catholic and non-Catholic Christians broke these companies one at a time as we did with Coors(see dreaded Catholic League),other companies would think twice about hopping on the hip bandwagon and we could actually do something instead of wringing one’s hands and admonishing people with principles that they are willing to act upon that they had better be prepared to “live in the woods”…

Yes,much better to hide behind one’s keyboard and admonish the less timid.Ever hear of blue crabs and why they can’t escape from open crates?

You are exactly right.

It was the perceived pressure that those companies felt, which made them sponsor what they sponsored, for the benefit of their bottom line, of course…

Well, now let them perceive the rest of us!

I don’t think Home Depot will care or will it make a difference. As again, where is the fairness of boycotting one company and utilizing the other if they are both doing the same thing. I just find it hypocritical in the end, its like allowing adulterous marriages but not Same Sex ones, they are both evil relationships, both condemned, but why is only 1 allowed?

Talk about a strawman arguement.What you are saying in effect is that they are ALL doing it-horsepucky.Become an educated consumer.We have several local lumber and tool stores owned by (gasp) Christians and a Jew,All are devout and would never think of sponsoring such an event.They get my business.
Coors didn’t care either until an INTERNATIONAL boycott happened courtesy of Bill Odonohue and the Catholic league.They backed down in less than a month because their profits plunged.Mammon before principles is the bottom line.Don’t you investigate who you donate to?Investigate whom you buy from.

Well, since Home Depot is offering workshops for children on homosexuality, I wonder if they’ll start offering workshops for children on other deviant human behavior, like mutilation, sado-bestiality, copraphagia, or vampirism?

I mean, deviant behavior is deviant behavior. Why pick out just one to advance simply because it happens to be trendy?

I don’t think that is what happened. According to the article in the first post it was a crafts workshop for children.

Is Home Depot offering any children’s workshops at the annual Adulterer’s Pride Gala?

They dont have one because they are ashamed of their behaviour and know its wrong.

oh brother…here we go again:rolleyes:

Paranoia reigns supreme…

I guess my husband and I should have moved when we found out there were 4 gay couples in our neighborhood…my kids could have been …oh gee…I don’t know…got better fashion tips???

I think I’ll get in my FORD and drive to WallyWorld to get some Proctor and Gamble and Kraft products,and on the way home stop by the ATM at Wachovia/Wells Fargo and draw out some money…(the kind with the “masonic” symbol on the back)…and stop by Starbucks for a latte…:smiley:

I don’t see the problem here, a lot of Gay people have kids, why don’t have some activities for them?

Whether people like the Gay folks or not I hope they don’t take their feelings out on the children of the Gays.

That would be very bad.

LOL…this friend speaks my mind!!

Would you take your children to San Francisco or Toronto for Gay Festivals where there is public nudity and public homosexual sex.Whether this occured at the event that Home Depot participated in ,I have no idea,but I would not take my child there for two reasons:
a)the possibility that such behaviour could occur
b)the obvious attempt at the "normalization"of intrinsically disordered behaviour.

It’s SUCH fun to label anyone who disagrees with you as a de facto homophobe and is quite effective at getting some people to shut up.Non-Catholics,I could care less what you consider acceptable.Catholics on the other hand are expected to have an INFORMED conscience and not transmit an attitude that homosexual BEHAVIOUR(without getting into sexual specifics) is anything BUT intrinsically disordered as per Church teaching to their children.

My son who is 15 knows that active homosexuality is sinful as is extra marital sex for heterosexuals,but he wouldn’t label,or harrass people who suffer from SSA because he understands that we are ALL God’s children.

Anyone who cannot see the greater homosexual agenda of normalization of an abberation that at most affects 1.5% of the total population is either wilfully blind or is not to be taken seriously.In Ontario the Provincial Government tried to force Catholic schools to teach that homosexuality is “normal”,it took 4 hours for that decision to be reversed in this Catholic majority province.The Jews and Muslims and Evangelicals were more than a little upset too.

The Provincial Government is looking for ways to(pardon the expression)backdoor its adoption in Catholic schools as it already has done in public schools.The Bishops simply REFUSED to render unto Ceasar and Ceasar backed down.

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