Home Depot worker wears "Under God" button for more than a year, then gets fired

Well here’s the story…tcpalm.com/news/2009/oct/23/home-depot-worker-wears-under-god-button-more/#comments

It sounds as if he has become a local hero, and no doubt he will be rewarded.

Home Depot will live to regret their decision with local people I am sure.

I am wondering if there was more involved.

The article mentions that he began to take his bible to work, and then they started enforcing the code concerning buttons.

Home Depot is in a no win situation.
They enforce a standardized dress code, and take flack for it.
Or they don’t, and every employee can get away with anything having to do with the dress code because legally speaking, without equal enforcement of the codes, the employees no longer have a reasonable expectation of what exactly the rules mean.

And employee could easily wear a badge proclaiming the benefits of atheism, get disciplined, and cite his religious badge as precedent for the rule non-enforcement.
the turn around and sue Home Depot for discrimination.

They should have followed code from the beginning, because now they have a real mess on their hands.

I liked Lowes better anyways, but now I’m going to make sure I don’t go to HD…
That’s just dumb! Why in the world would they go ahead and say nothing for more than a year and when they see that he is a Christian and actually reads his Bible they raise a stink about it?

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