Home in the west

Well I’ve tried the Eastern Catholic Churches and loved them. But I found I was going there as a Protestant as I didn’t agree with all RC doctrine.
The more I investigated the more I realized that my western heritage is deep within me. The more I read for myself what the (Roman) Catholic actually teaches the more I realize there not the heresies that some claim.

Good for you! I always believe that the diversity in faith is God’s gift to a limited minded humanity. We can only understand and appreciate so much and God has to bring His message to us in a way that we can comprehend. That is why there is a diversity in the traditions of the faith, so that there is something that someone can understand. Given today that there are many of us who have such a choice as to which tradition to follow, we should exercise it fully so that we may be brought ever more closely to God in a way that conforms to our limited understanding well. Its wonderful that you have found your home in the faith.

Rome sweet home :slight_smile:

Kyiv is where I live :wink:

Not sure I understand that comment:confused: Had Dave in Dallas decided to further pursue Eastern Catholicism he still would not have been leaving “Rome sweet home”:wink:

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