Home of the mother


Can anyone give me some info on the Home of the mother order of priests based in Spain


Which one?


Not anything other than their website (I didn’t know that there was more than one, according to the first responder??), which you can find here: hogardelamadre.org/en/about-us/brothers

Other than that, all I can say is that I know one priest in the order as well as three sisters, and I can say those four that I know are wonderful. :slight_smile: They actually used to have a community on/near my university’s campus (Ave Maria University) but left shortly after I arrived.


Ahhh, the order called Home of the Mother :o I thought he was looking for the originating place of an order of priests… of which I did find several in Spain :slight_smile:



I know that this is an ancient post. But I found it while exploring the internet, so I’d thought I’d give my 2 cents.

Home of the Mother is actually not an order yet, its an international association for the faithful, which basically means that the are an order in the making. While I was studying abroad in Spain, I came into contact with them. I ended up going on a silent retreat led by their superior general and it was probably the most profound spiritual experience I have ever had in my life.

They have traditional tendencies but are loyal to the the pope. They celebrate mass very reverently and distribute communion kneeling & on the tongue which impressed me. But what impressed me most of all was the level of spiritual depth that the servant brothers and sisters displayed that I had not seen before. They openly talked about their love for Mary like someone openly talking about how they loved a movie.

On the retreat the priest quoted st. Teresa of lisiux, st. francis de sales, church fathers, preached about the importance of the rosary, and seemed to have that “something” that I have always noticed was lacking in the typical diocesan priest.

What is also interesting is that they strongly believe in the apparitions of Garabandal. I talked with one of the seminarians, and even though the apparitions have been largely forgotten or ignored by the majority of the church, the seminarian told me that the community has overwhelming first-hand evidence of its authenticity.

What is also interesting is that the founder of the Home of the Mother never sought to found this community. This came to him directly from God. A mystic he was close with told him that God wanted him to establish a community with three specific missions. He doubted that he could do that. However, later a mystic he knew in italy told him the exact same thing, word for word, so he stopped doubting and founded it.

However, this stuff you cant really find on their website. They tend to keep this information low-key. One of their seminarians told me this stuff.

So in conclusion, they are really an extraordinary group of people that do a lot of work with young people, and spreading the faith to them. They also have a great youtube channel and do a lot of high-quality faith videos. youtube.com/user/hmvideosen

I am actually going to return to Spain this summer to discern the priesthood with them.

God bless!


How convenient that I came across this thread! The servant sisters and brothers of the Home of the Mother are an amazing community. I have much to say about them but not enough time. Anyway the community is organizing a giant event in Jacksonville, FL on Nov 21, 2015 called the Fiat Fest. The servant sisters and brothers will be there along with several other religious communities. Message me if you have any questions. Here is the event.



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