Home or away for Christmas?


Are you staying home for Christmas or are you traveling to see family/friends? For simpicitys sake, I’m just making this a 2 answer poll, but feel free to give us additional info if appropriate.


I voted away.

It’s only 10 minutes away, but we aren’t having Christmas dinner or opening gifts at our home.


Home. I have my parents coming down from Northern California, my sister and her family coming up from San Diego, and my other sister coming from Atlanta (where she is in grad school.) So, today is all about cleaning the house…Tonight I am going to start making our traditional Christmas dinner, boeuf bourguignonne, because it takes a couple of days to make.


Home- I’m staying home and cooking for our family, beef tenderloin, a holiday ham, tons of food, tons of people.

Then, I’m moving away, to Philadelphia, 2 days later.


Both, I guess. My parents live 10 min. from us, and that’s where we’ll have Christmas Eve dinner, but we’ll come back to our house and have Christmas Day here.


Christmas Eve will be at my sisters (she has the little ones:) ) but Christmas Day only with husband sons and daughters.


I voted for home because that is the only “for sure” so far.

Every Christmas since I was born, we have spent at my grandparents farm. But this year it is not possible for us to travel and spend an entire day away from home with our baby…and my grandfather is in the hospital with his second diabetes-reated amputation. It will feel strange not being there for Christmas.

So, hubby and I will be home with our baby. We have been invited to dinner at my sister’s fiance’s house where his mom has come from out of town to prepare a Christmas dinner. But, my mom just got out of surgery AND has a bad chest cold and now I hear my dad caught her cold. I am wary of taking our baby around illness, so we may just stay home.

This is the year (first child) to begin our our family traditions and celebrate Christmas together! Although, with Lily’s fussiness, we’ll be lucky if we can heat up a frozen dinner, lol.

Merry Christmas!!!



I voted ‘away’, since I consider having Christmas with my parents to be ‘home’, and I’m not doing that this year.

That’s what feels like ‘Christmas at home’ to me even though I don’t live with them. Weird huh :whacky:


My DH, DS (youngest) and I will be at home…my DS(eldest) will be away, visiting his dad 3000 miles away:(


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