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Here is a press release I just read:

For Immediate Release


Chantilly, Virginia. On Friday, June 8, 2007, The Catholic Home School Network of America (CHSNA) announced the creation of a new website and message board designed to connect thousands of Catholic homeschooling parents from across the country. The announcement took place at the Immaculate Heart of Mary National Home School and Parent Conference, which has become the largest Catholic homeschooling conference in the country.

Dedicated to supporting parents in their role as the primary educators of their children, the new www.CHSNA.net website was envisioned to become a focal point for information about Catholic curriculum providers and home study programs as well as a place for parents to exchange information and advice. Perhaps more importantly, it will be a place for Catholic homeschooling parents to establish friendships based upon shared values and goals.

According to Draper Warren, Vice-President of Communications for CHSNA, “There is a wealth of knowledge and experience that veteran homeschooling parents have and can pass on to those who are new to homeschooling. An online community of this sort establishes a regular way to share practical experiences about what works and what doesn’t.”

In creating this message board project, CHSNA joined forces with the technical team of BoredOnline.net, where Mr. Warren also serves as senior administrator. BoredOnline.net is a large message board for Catholic homeschooling students which has 2,485 registered users and has almost one million posts. Mr. Warren expressed the hope that the new CHSNA.net message board would surpass the great success of the BoredOnline.net website, and that it would afford the same benefits to parents which the students on BoredOnline.net are currently able to enjoy.

The Catholic Home School Network of America has been involved in advocating parents’ rights to homeschool their children, publishing a booklet in 1998 entitled “Responsibilities and Rights of Parents in Religious Education.” More recently, CHSNA President Dr. Catherine Moran, together with CHSNA Vice-President of Operations Mrs. Virginia Seuffert, and Dr. Mary Kay Clark, President of Seton Home Study School, traveled to Rome to meet with Roman Curial officials such as Francis Cardinal Arinze and Archbishop Michael Miller, Secretary for Catholic Education to better familiarize them with the important role homeschooling holds in American Catholic education.

For further information, please contact Draper Warren by email at CHSNA.net@gmail.com, or visit the CHSNA website at www.CHSNA.net


Looks great. Thanks for the link!


Thanks! I was just coming here for homeschooling info!!!


hmm, interesting…
from the founders of Keeping It Catholic? I see…

hmmm… interesting.
Of course, I will have to go join it, won’t I?
**drat! ****The cyber world is using my catholic curricula junkie habit to lure me in deeper and deeper…:stuck_out_tongue: **


Actually, the Keeping It Catholic people are no longer directly involved with CHSNA.


Is there something wrong with KIC? Just wondering.


I am actually not that familiar with KIC, but as far as I know, there is nothing wrong with them. On the contrary, I do know that they have produced 2 very good curriculum guides and their main mission seems to be to promote truly Catholic materials as opposed to secular or Protestant materials where possible.


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