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For those of you who home school, do any of you include Spanish in the elementary grades? I may home school our daughter for the 3rd grade, but would her to continue to have Spanish. I would like to go with the Seton program, but did not see Spanish until the High School grades.

If you do teach Spanish, what program are you using?


I use Rosetta Stone starting in 2nd or 3rd grade.

You can get a free CD with the first 6 lessons of just about any language to check it out before buying it.


Thank you Martha. I checked it out online and it is perfect. It is very expensive though. Do you use the homeschooler program?


Yes, the hs program is the one I use.

Now, I’ve did some serious research into all the programs before dishing out that huge amount of money. After all my research and consideration, I felt the money was well worth and it didn’t seem expensive at all in comparison to other materials. In fact, it seemed like a good price.

First, buy it thorugh www.rainbowresource.com - they are the cheapest, even with shipping.

**Second, remember that Spanish I is the equal to TWO YEARS of spanish, not 1 semester or 1 year like most other programs, and it includes everything. The workbooks, answer keys, all the cds, everything. Some of the others are not nearly as comprehensive in either materials or material taught. All I use is the straight tutorial CD’s, but it’s nice to have the workbooks “just in case” I have a kid who does better with paper. The only other purchase I made was a $29 computer headset microphone so the kids can speak into it and get a reading for how well they are talking in spanish - which I believe Rosetta Stone is the ONLY home teaching material available that offers this feature. A very important feature, imho. Esp. as I don’t speak spanish.:thumbsup: **


Thanks so much!!!:smiley:


Hi Nana,
My 2nd grader also uses Rosetta Stone free online through the public library system. It’s a worldwide deal so hopefully you can access it as well. She’s just a beginner so I’m not familiar with how far the lessons go. They offer many languages: I was advised to use the more popular Latin American Spanish.
Happy learning!


How does she use Rosetta stone for free? It is very expensive.


I’m going here with Latin, but I noticed they also have a Spanish program. But yes, my kids will learn Latin and either German or Spanish (they choose).

Good luck!!


Hi Nana,
Rosetta Stone is offered online free through my local public library system. Check with your local public library. My county library system requires that you sign on with your library card number. You should check to see if it’s available through a library system that serves you. I have discovered some little-known perks available through the libraries. I know nearby county library system that regularly has free passes available to local musuems (first-come, first-served), moms groups, basic computer training, events for kids etc. I recommend you call them up and ask what kinds of activities they have available and if they are connected to other libraries - ask what is available through that system.
You may get some education through them tax dollars yet :wink:


My older three, ages 11, 10 and 8 are using Rosetta Stone in conjunction with the Seton Spanish. (the high school program). A wonderful lady from the spanish community at a local parish comes in twice a week and teaches them, and she just goes more slowly for the younger two. My 11y/o boy is doing very well in the high school course.
A teacher coming in was the only way I could’ve gotten it done, so you might want to look into that.


Thanks Deborah for this information. I will check with our public library and I hope it is offered. That certainly would save us some money.


I did write to Seton and they mentioned the high school program among others. I am glad that they offer this, but like you, if I do use them I will also use Rosetta Stone. I do speak Spanish, even though I speak English better. I can talk well in Spanish when I go visit my family in Puerto Rico and also I speak Spanish only with my mother.


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