I am currently in the inquiry stage of RCIA I attended a very small Protestant church before leaving and starting RCIA the church has a lot of my wifes family that attend. I was very active and played guitar with my father in law at the church. They have invited us to homecoming. My wife wants to go but I’m not sure A. If I should attend due to the many belief differences and B. If I did attend should I play guitar with the small band if they ask me. Thanks.


I don’t see anything wrong with it.


“Protestant” encompasses a wide range of beliefs. You should not attend this church if it is actively anti-Catholic. There is no blanket rule against Catholics visiting a Protestant church or playing music there.


Could you go to the bonfire, the game and the dance but skip the church service?:wink:


Family and community celebrations matter and unite us across all barriers. So important.


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