"Homeland" season 2

The second series of “Homeland” is due to debut on Channel Four( in the UK) this Sunday evening.

I must confess that I am puzzled by the seeming inability/unwillingness of the show’s creators to answer a simple question: viz what IS the point of USMC (and now Congressman) Sergeant Nicholas Brody’s conversion to Islam? Are they suggesting that because he is now a Muslim, he is something less than a good Marine, never mind a loyal American(ironically enough Brody is played by English actor Damian Lewis)?- similar charges of questionable loyalties have been made about Catholics( and not just in the "Know Nothing " era but as recently as the 1960 Presidential election) and Jews.
And what about Carrie(Claire Danes), now “outed” as being bipolar and given her pink slip from the CIA , but now recalled to duty when a Hezbollah commander’s wife claims to have intel about an impending attack on the US(in reality Hezbollah has NEVER gone out of its way to attack Americans outside of the Middle East; why have a mentally unstable operative do the job?).


PS not only is “Homeland” reportedly Barack Obama’s favourite TV show but according to the Observer magazine’s (29/9/2012) cover story about Claire Danes, she claims to have become patriotic after the 9/11 attacks on New York even though she was actually
living in Sydney at the time, later after working with real life CIA operatives in order to research her role in “Homeland”, she was impressed with their devotion to the United States of America( actress Roselyn Sanchez made a similar observation about the US Navy SEALs she worked with in “Act Of Valor”).

PPS, Please NO spoilers!

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