Homeland Security estimates US/Mexico border wall will cost $21.6B


Homeland Security estimates US/Mexico border wall will cost $21.6B & take more than 3.5 years to build -Reuters, citing internal report



That’s why cutting down other government agencies like the EPA will be necessary. As are tax cuts and deregulation. :thumbsup:

Then we will be well on our way. :yup:


I present to you the discretionary budget spending as of FY 2016



Can’t wait for that size and scope to drop! Hopefully, Mr. Trump will work with the GOP on that. :yup:

I’m thinking that we can even get some solid bipartisan support on that. It would be great if Chuck Schumer, Kristen Gillibrand, Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar got serious about it.


If Mexico is going to pay for it, why do we care what it costs?


Or, if like Trump’s other projects, he simply does not pay for it at all.


If Trump would reinstate and expand this Border Patrol Operation that Obama shut down we might not need a wall.



That means over 1,000 miles and it’s not all flat terrain, and parts of the wall will have to be built on private property. Ground sensors, with drone patrols with nightvision and telescopic optics. This would be a more effective and less costly option. And less insulting.



Oh, well, there it is, right in the budget for the Department of Education. Won’t be needing that, since President Trump is going to cut federal funding to every university with students that hold protests.


Big-hearted, I guess.


It could be we don’t need a wall, period.


I think the wall idea was a brilliant marketing ploy. We have a problem (illegal immigration) and a visible and free solution (a wall that mexico pays for). Whether or not it was truly cost effective is another thing. But politicians rarely worry about that.


Well, if that’s what they want to do all day, they can find a way to pay for it. :thumbsup:


Some of the protests are from outsiders. At the college where I teach, students rarely engage in protests, it interferes with their drinking. We do have a couple of outside marxist groups that do come onto campus and protest though.


Actually it will cost more because it will be paid for by tariffs that will be passed along to US consumers. And I suspect the wall won’t stop the heroin or the illegal immigrants. It’s a great work project though!


Versus how many billion being Western Union-ed out of the US economy back to Mexico?


Well, I suppose this is accurate.


There are other foreign workers who send money to their home countries. As of today, one dollar is worth 20.35 Pesos.



You could build it a lot cheaper with undocumented labor.


Probably cost 3 times that much if money is ever appropriated. Once built, tunnels will be dug underneath negating the entire project… Still haven’t heard who is paying for it??

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