Homeless friend and obstacles to marriage


Please pray for my friend, Amy Wye, who has just become homeless. She is an artist and a good friend - but even if that was not the case, I would still ask you to pray for her. In fact, please pray for all the homeless, that they may, by the grace of God, find shelter and food and clothing and all else that is necessary for life and goodness.

Please pray for my girlfriend and me. We have hit an obstacle to getting married: she is Wiccan and cannot get a dispension, nor can I get a dispension. But I am praying for her conversion, that she may find her joy in the Lord, and praying that, if it is God’s Will, we will get married.


I am praying for you that things will work out. Know you are not alone…I too have just lost our home, my husband has pancreatic cancer, filed for bankruptcy and I am unemployed. This is a terrible economy right now. I think it will make us stronger though. Someone told me in an earlier pm that we are living as our Lord lived. I pray that God will hear our prayers for you and that you will be surrounded by the gift of the Holy Spirit. Be still and listen to the Word. God will lead you and not abandon you EVER. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Diane:byzsoc:


Eternal Father, have mercy on Dane and her family. I thrust them into the Source of Love and Mercy, that is, the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen.

  1. Father please inspire others to help the homeless and destitute for obtain shelter and just living conditions. Help them to find their place in the community. Please be mindful of Amy in the name of your Son.

  2. Let Your Spirit guide the choices and paths of this son. Let Your Spirit inspire those who do not know or accept God.


Heavenly Father, please help Amy and all homeless people find shelter, work, and anything else they need to permanently end their situation. Please hold their hands and walk them through life.

Please show Nick’s girlfriend the way to You, Lord. Help show her that You are the Truth. If it is your will for them to marry, destroy the obstacles between them.

And please help Diane’s husband cope with his pancreatic cancer. Help them discover renewed resources and assist in digging them out of their financial hole. Please help those who are sick and in need. Help improve our economy so that people will not have to suffer as much in the future.


Praying very hard for your intentions!


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