Homemade laundry soap


We’ve been doing this for the last two months with great success. I stumbled across this recipe.

It has worked fine for us except for the hubby’s work jeans which are very, very dirty and greasy.

It’s kind of fun to make your own laundry soap, so I thought I’d share it.



hmm, the link goes to a second income calculator. Interesting idea, though.


I Found several pages on google, this one seemed to be a good one:


Has anyone tried it and figured out how much money/time you save compared to buying at the bulk food stores? How long does it take to make? How much does it make in one batch? Are the ingredients safe to work with? I might be interested in trying this if I get around to it…

-Johnny Schultz


:o I need to take my time



I know several who make their own soap; allergies and economy and fun. What I learned from them is the use of white vinegar as a rinse instead of fab softener. Esp. for clothes line dried & makes for softer towels.


How do you have allergies and line hang your laundry?
My eldest son has severe allergies that have made it impossbile for me to hang our luandry outside any longer…too much pollen in the air:(


That’s the recipe we use. There is a cost comparison somewhere on those pages.


what a cool site :slight_smile:
thanks for sharing


Neat, I might try it!
Thanks for getting the right link up there!

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