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I’m sure that many in these forums, like myself, create our own resources to fit our needs on the spiritual battlefield. Perhaps it is the middle-school teacher in me, but I feel that such resources were made to be shared. I wanted to start this thread as an opportunity for members to post what “homemade” resources they have that they would be willing to a) include as a file attachment in this thread or b) send to others via e-mail. I do ask that, even if you don’t post any resources, which is fine, IF you do use someone elses or request them by e-mail that you, first give credit to the author, and two, bump this thread up since you used it in a passive way.

Here are mine:

I have a short story parody of “The Da Vinci Code” that uses humor to fight the influence of the book and soon-to-be-movie. It originally posted here:


I have a Natural Family Planning “dialogue” that shows the problem with contraception. It is an attached file here (though, by e-mail, I have a fully documented version):


The best one, though, are my ten pages of catagorized “Catholic” Scripture quotes, which I keep with me for quick-reference. Along with this, I have an outline of the history of the Catholic Church (my outline of the book Triumph), an outline of Old Testament history, aand brief summary of the Church fathers. Send me an e-mail at (Use e-mail link on this poster’s profile please) if you want me to send that to you (or either of the earlier things I mentioned).

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