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I have a 14 yr-old son with autism who keeps getting out of my house and now that he’s older it is becoming increasingly dangerous (we have deadbolts but sometimes he finds the key-- we have to keep changing the hiding place). Anyway, there is a drug for impulsiveness that we could put him on, but I honestly don’t want to go the pharmaceutical route. I found an herbal/homeopathic treatment online that I’d like to try (it is less expensive than the drug would be so I figure it is worth a shot).

My concern is: Are homeopathic remedies OK by the Church? I think I heard something once on Relevant Radio that they are of questionable (spiritually) origin. Does anyone have any info on this? I’d greatly appreciate the help.

God Bless you all…



i dont think homeopathic remedies themselves as chemicals are against any teachings. usually they are just herbs or natural chemicals.

HOWEVER, consider this. OTC supplements and many homeopathic remedies are NOT FDA approved.

homeopathic “practitioners” are NOT licensed by a state medical board. they are NOT MD’s.

the FDA and medical boards are there for your protection. what you can consider is that by going outside of expert opinion and regulation there is some risk involved, which has not been studied extensivly.

i dont think the church cares if drug X is used to treat condition A. they DO care if the drug hasnt been throroughly tested and approved for use on its members, and may pose substantial risk.

im sure quite a few priests love sudafed or Allegra for their allergies.

playing with homeopathic remedies involves introducing an unknown, untested, and unmeasured amount of risk to the patient.


The Church only teaches against spiritism and new age things.


I come from a very personal perspective regarding homeopathic and naturopathic medicine.

To make a long story short, I became very ill and the MDs couldn’t find the problem for many months. Out of desperation I went to a naturopathic school. Through diet changes, natural remedies and homeopathic treatment, I was diagnosed and have made great strides in my health, though I still have some chronic illness issues due to toxic chemical exposure.

That being said, there are also a lot of New Age influences in much of alternative medicine – especially with massage therapy and Reiki, crystals, etc. Stay away from these. But there is much science in homeopathy; in fact there’s a great book you might be able to find in your library called “The Science of Homeopathy.” It is widely used throughout Europe, where MDs and NDs work together.

The way I look at it, God gave us natural plants to use for helping our bodies to heal. Somewhere along the way, science began using artificial chemicals to “heal” everything, when in fact, they often just mask the problem. Think of ancient remedies of the Orient, Native Americans, etc. Even my grandma had many “home-made” remedies that really worked.

I also asked for direction from my spiritual director regarding some therapies I was not comfortable with and he led me to a priest who has much experience with the occult. This priest said that homeopathy is not against Church teaching.

Be cautious, do your homework, pray and ask Our Lord to lead you to the right people who can help you help your son.


Thanks for your posts. What I forgot to mention is this particular med I am considering has some individual herbs in it that were previously recommended by a neurologist. It also has some other stuff in it that I plan on researching.

I do appreciate the warning on regulations, however, with autism nothing traditional seems to work. I have seen lots of kids become zombies and suffer from the side effects of meds.

Thanks again for the input. I’ll pray about it and see what Our Lord has to say…



Unitl I moved I went to a naturopath who also practiced homeopathy. She also did diagnosis by looking at the retina. The first time I visited her, I filled out the history sheet but forgot to say that I’d once had bronchitis that left a weak area in one lung. She studied the retinas, then touched my chest right at the spot, and told me that I’d had bronchitis that left a scar on a lung. I nearly fell out of the chair with amazement!


It actually is possible to find doctors (MDs) who are homeopathists; it just isn’t easy, as they are not everywhere.These doctors have studied homeopathy as a speciality, after being licensed.
That said, the truth is that there is probably not going to be one near enough to use as a regular doctor. But homeopathy is very, very safe. The meds only work on a person who needs them. And there are NO side effects( unless you take so many of the little pills that the sugar base makes you a little queasy, but that would be thousands of pills!!)
I have used a homeopathics health kit for many years for a variety of conditions, with good results. In fact, last year, when there was no flu vaccine to be found–even for people like me with a heart condition–I used the homeopathic flu remedy that I bought over the counter, & although it is a pain to have to keep taking it, I was very happy with results–despite repaeted exposures, no flu…
My biggest experience with these meds is with animals,especially cats (who have bad reactions to many meds). They work very well indeed. (And a cat isn’t going to have a "psychological placebo effect!!).
These meds are not based on any new age or far east kind of medicine at all. Also, its worth saying that the English royals have used homeopaths as official doctors for decades.
I hope that you have good luck; certainly, there is no harm in homeopathy, & I know many who have gotten a good deal of help from them. God bless.


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