Homer Simpson is Catholic, Vatican Paper Declares

Hmmm… I didn’t think the Catholic News Agency was a mainstream media outlet. You would think that the Vatican newspaper would send out clarifying statements or articles if the media is getting their story wrong. Haven’t seen any yet.

Anyway Sailor, you should check out the Simpsons. Very funny show with great moral lessons. Helps you to unwind in a good moral way at the end of the day. God Bless.

Yeah definitely the article is not some serious comment the Vatican was trying to make. But good to see that the Vatican is promoting good mainstream programming.

Wasn’t there one episode where Homer said he would go to Mass just to get some “booze”?

The whole point I was trying to make is that it is not “the Vatican” that is commenting on “The Simpsons” at all. It is merely a newspaper (L’Osservatore Romano) that is published from within the Vatican City State. The newspaper is not controlled by the Vatican and the views expressed within it do not necesarilly represent the views of the Pope or definitive Catholic teaching.

That was Bart in the Season 10 episode “Lisa Gets an A”:

(In the car on the way home from their Sunday service)

Bart: Oh, I’m starving! Mom, can we go Catholic so we can get communion wafers and booze?
Marge: No, no one’s going Catholic. Three children is enough, thank you.

Yes, I have way too many Simpsons quotes floating around in my brain. :o

Yeah and I think that is okay. It’s just a tv show so I doubt the Vatican itself really needs to take a strong stand on the show. But like I say, I think that the Vatican’s direction to the newspaper to be more engaged in popular culture is a good idea. I like that the Vatican, or at least the Vatican newspaper is steering people toward good mainstream programming. So much junk out there on tv right now. Thanks again for your comments Joe!

A point which no one seems willing to accept. :mad:

Now and then I’m in the mood for Simpson silliness. But it I still had young children in the home, the Simpsons would be a definite no-no. Bart (brat) could give them bad ideas and certainly not teach them any decent manners.

*The Simpsons* does deal with religion often, as someone has said. I'm not sure it does Christianity any favor, anymore than *All in the Family *did years ago. And isn't it clear that the Simpsons belong to a Protestant church, and isn't the pastor one of the recurring characters in the script? I haven't seen it that often in recent years as the programs become stranger and stranger. And PBS, History Channel, Discovery, C-Span, and other channels offer so much better viewing.

  No, I don't include EWTN because, while I often watch it, its continuous assaults on Protestants, Masons and others annoys me. When are we going to declare a truce in this foolish war of words among Christians? The bitterness against Protestantism seems so fierce and deep among some Catholics. As much of the world is going secular we waste time and energy assailing one another. If the Vatican considers the Simpsons Catholics surely we can show more respect for the faith of fellow Christians.

Once more, THE VATICAN does not consider the Simpsons CATHOLIC.

All misquotes, lies, and possibly wishful thinking.

Thank you. And I’m glad one of the above posters mentioned this show is not endorsed by the Vatican itself.

Emphasis mine:

Excuse my bluntness but WHAT??

EWTN represents Christianity as a whole very well and I think you have been misinformed.

I can surely attest to the Protestant blasts toward Catholicism almost everywhere. In the immortal words of Archbishop Fulton Sheen, “Not 100 in the United States hate the Roman Catholic Church, but millions hate what they mistakenly think the Roman Catholic Church is.”

The Catholic Church has not ever had an anti-Protestant agenda, in fact, we only would like unity in the Church the way Jesus had prayed for. We will always love our separated brothers and sisters–and do not step out of our way to verbally “assault” you. EWTN’s name shall not be tainted by your claims of “disrespect” toward those outside of the Church. EWTN has always greatly represented the Church’s views.

This is off-topic, but related. Given some of the passionate comments expressed about L’Osservatore Romano could someone please clarify their role for me. It sounds like some people want to disassociate L’Osservatore Romano from the Vatican. And yet, isn’t it the Vatican newspaper? Isn’t it funded by the Catholic Church and ultimately under the authority of someone in the Vatican? If that is so, wouldn’t a reasonable person assume it represents the views of the Church. And if those views are not in line with the papacy, couldn’t the Pope or cardinals fire the editor? Or is it completely independent of the Vatican and not answerable at all to the Church?

Just curious. Again, I don’t think the topic of the Simpsons and the Vatican is a big one. It’s just a tv show that people can choose to watch or not. I think the L’Osservatore Romano article about the Simpsons is harmless and playful. And again I think it’s good that the Vatican or at least its newspaper is encouraging people to watch good mainstream moral programming.

I guess I am just surprised that some people have such strong feelings against the Vatican’s newspaper. I didn’t realize it was so controversial.

Despite the many, many repetitions - who wants to say, one more time, it’s not 'THE VATICAN’S" newspaper?

Guess I will.

So what part of that don’t some people want to get?

Sailor, I am not very knowledgeable about L’Osservatore Romano. That is why I requested clarification. Is it completely separate and independent from the Vatican or is there a relationship? They report on Vatican news so I am assuming there is a relationship between the newspaper and the Church- but is that not true?

Yes and no.

The Vatican does financially support its operation, the editor’s office is in the Vatican, and the Vatican hosts its articles (and subscription information) on its website:

But no, its not an official source of Vatican pronouncements and often (especially during the past couple years) has articles unrelated to Vatican positions.

On the other hand, this is from the Vatican’s history article about the newspaper:

Faithful to its origins, in these 146 years of life L’Osservatore Romano has continued its work of the service of the truth. With enthusiasm and with no fear of sounding a discordant note, it has documented the history of peoples and nations. Above all, it has continued its privileged service, making known the Magisterium of the Successor of Peter.


I believe the article was written by the L’Osservatore Romano’s gossip columnist, Fr. Guido Sarducci.


The Simpsons used to be well written and tasteful. The episodes that centered around the families’ Christianity were mostly well thought out, respectful AND funny maybe the first 9 seasons or so. Like the episode where Homer meets God. It was at times morally ambiguous but had more guts then what’s on TV today. When Homer steals cable is probably even more deep and clear on its message. That script would be rejected had it been offered as an episode today unless the morals stemmed from Lisa now being a skeptical new aged Buddhist.

Now it’s incredibly vitriol, arrogant and obnoxious. Even though I haven’t watched an episode in years there is always some snotty rude attack against Catholicism hidden somewhere by writers who sound like they have an axe to grind every time I see it on. Not in any way done respectfully. But it goes largely unnoticed as harmless. People tend to judge it based on its passed merits even though it obviously went down the gutter ages ago. Basically, the show is now what they used to make fun of.

Response to #30

This thread is not about EWTN, but in response to lil_flower_luv I do find EWTN hostile to other forms of Christianity, with a particular bitterness toward Protestantism. It comes out all the time, not only in ‘Journey Home’. Early this past Monday (or was it Tuesday?) morning, for example, there was the program on church history which gave a sharply anti-Protestant version of history. Various book interviews by Keck, the Women of Grace program, and others often target Protestantism. One of my priest-friends says that if he watches EWTN he has trouble sleeping the following night because its anti-ecumenical emphasis bothers him so much. He especially is disturbed by what he considers the arrogance of Fr. Corapi and the strong political views of Raymond Arroyo. He wonders about EWTN’s tax status in light of this political bias.

 I find that EWTN is always making a big deal out of those who convert to Catholicism. Frankly, I may be naive but I have never heard a Protestant program on TV refer to Catholics who converted to Protestants, as many have. Several evangelical ministers in this area were former Catholics. Catholics seem so eager to prove that theirs is the one and only true church, and they can sound very defensive while on the offense. They had a real field day recently when they focused so much attention upon the convert Cardinal Newman.

 We need to embrace those of other faiths rather than judge them. Doctrines are a very delicate and complex arena and to imply that every Catholic must believe every doctrine is unwise. The church should be shrewd enough to erect a big tent. I know that traditional Catholics are offended by this opinion, but I find many within the church agree with me.

D’oh :slight_smile:

You should check out the show again. Two years ago I would have agreed with you. Seemed like the writing staff were getting pretty cynical with their storylines. But recently the show seems to have gotten back to its roots. They’ve had some nice inspirational episodes lately.

Thanks for the information Dale. Have to admit, I have never followed L’Osservatore Romano and doubt I will in the future. I try to keep up with the Catholic newspaper in my area. But interesting to know more about it. Again, good to know that some Catholic publication is publicizing good programming.

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