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I am looking for a good curriculum for religion only. We are starting homeschool next year and have decided to join a co-op that is Christian but not Catholic. I’ve looked into Seton but I’m not sure if it’s the right fit. I’m ok with traditional but I had an elementary teacher who taught very traditional catechism and had me convinced I was going to hell as a young kid. My daughter is moving out of Catholic school and just completed 1st grade so she has a foundation. I also have a preschooler and a 2 year old. I’m open to any options but would prefer a full curriculum with daily lessons.

Seton is not a “going to hell” type of catechisis. It is traditional in that it is very Catholic. We use seton for our kids and LOVE it. If the daily part is something you like then seton is for you. Seton comes with full daily lesson plans for thirty six weeks that follows the traditional school year and incorporates liturgical times and feast days if you are on their rhythm. It’s weak points are science, and math. It’s strongest points are in writing and English. Seton is pricey, especially in high school grades. 4 of our 7 are enrolled at this time and I was not prepared for the sticker shock.


I used Kolbe Academy for my kids up until they graduated. They all graduated at age 16 and the only subject I had to “farm out” was math once they got to high school (calculus and physics were way out of my league!)

Can I buy just religion from seton? We already have math, English etc with our co op. I’m only needing religion because the co op isn’t Catholic. I love the idea of traditional as long as it still presents a loving God.

That used to be tough. But I received an email. During this covid thing that indicated they were enthusiastic about supplementing ANY curriculum during this time and to pass it on. I would call them. They are very helpful over the phone. Just religion would be fine. It’s an excellent program. However I like how all the programs tie in together on the same subjects. At the lower grades seton is easy to understand and doesn’t get into “debatable” theology. For what it is worth, my children feel incredibly loved and protected by a loving God.
Any curriculum that presented anything other than a loving God would be in no way, Catholic.

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What sort of things did your curriculum speak of for religion all days?

For a preschoolers or a two years old, i think you can educated them as catholic without a curriculum. Daily prayers for bed time, meal for eg. Readings on good, beautiful cathechism books for children, colorings religious pictures, doing puzzles of religious pictures.

I also think we can learn to read numbers and some letters from the Bible.

And for liturgical years some things such as raising the nativity, having a game nativity, egg huntings, creating little activities can be done.

Is someone can give more ideas, or materials to use, please?

I’d buy Ignatius’ “Faith and Life” series.

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