Homeschool "Sex Education" Help


I am wanting to find a good curriculum for homeschooling our children. Do they have good material for children that uses the concepts of Theology of the Body?
Also, at what age is it appropriate to start?
I would appreciate anyone’s feedback who has personal experience with any such curriculum.


There’s a wonderful book called The Joyful Mysteries of Life, which Catholic Heritage Curriculum includes in their 8th grade lesson plans. The 8th grade lesson plans are found in the planner for the middle school grades. CHC recommends this book, along with another book on Life Sciences, for eighth grade science. Joyful Mysteries of Life has 13 chapters with discussion questions. It is a wonderful book that could be used alone even if you don’t use CHC’s other lesson plans.


I don’t know if they have a homeschool version but dd’s school will be teaching from Theology of the body for teens school curriculum. I got a chance to see it briefly when the Chaplain brought it on our DC trip to review. I think he said he will be teaching it to the junior class.


There is TOB for Teens. It is done by Jason and Chrytalina Everet and others.

Also check out Love and Life, and Sex Respect both by Colleen Kelly Mast ( from the Doctor is In on EWTN).

#5 used to carry something called the New Corinthians Curriculum (or something close to that name) that sounds like what you might be looking for.


Thank you everyone for your input. I will start my reasearch.

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