Homeschoolers: "High School of Your Dreams" curriculum


Is anyone using "High School of Your Dreams" from Catholic Heritage Curricula? I would love to hear your thoughts.
:) Thanks.


I'd like to hear other's thoughts as well, even if it is from someone who is not using it - maybe why they decided against it?

I have enrolled our oldest daughter in Kolbe for this year (we're starting homeschooling in the high school years... scary) but I don't know if it will "fit" all 7 of our kids... I love to hear about other curricula.


I am not trying to answer my own question :stuck_out_tongue: but I ran across this review at Love2Learn by Mary Gildersleeve that I thought was pretty informative.

However, I still look forward to responses here… anyone? :wink:


That was an informative article - thanks for that. It is interesting that the first third of the book is dedicated to record keeping. That is probably the main reason why I decided I needed (first year, at the very least) a complete program. I am starting in high school with homeschooling and I know the stakes are high - I don't think I have time to live and learn like I would if I'd started with the younger grades.

I wish I could go to a homeschooling conference - it would have been helpful to have been able to look through some of these materials first before buying.


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