Homeschooling and Team Sports

Like I said earlier, it depends on the child’s “natural bent.”

My older daughter has skated since she was a toddler, and she is now 37. She worked on her ice dance tests for over 15 years, finally passing the last one when she was 31. It took a lot of love and dedication and her own money (once she was on her own and working)–her coach’s fee was $150/hour (he was a 2-time Olympian).

She has often said that skating is the closest human beings can get to flying–no strap-on “wings” or flying devices–it’s all done by the human.

Her sister is currently not coaching for the first time since she was 16 (she’s 34) because of the COVID shutdown–and it’s driving her nuts! She is a fanatic about the sport of synchronized skating–we never had to force her to get up at 4:00 a.m., and she was one of the hardest-workers on her team, and her coaching is the same way. She’s competitive in everything she does–back during her school days, all a teacher had to do is turn an assignment into a competition, and our daughter worked 24/7 to win!

We aren’t really like that. It’s their own God-given “natural bent” and we just followed it and the results are delightful.

But if we had a child who was not the least bit interested in sports, I think it would have been cruel and inappropriate for us to try to turn that child into a rink rat or any kind of athlete. They need to learn enough about sports to be comfortable in a work conversation (it’s not a good thing to say, "What does it mean when a baseball player gets a touchdown? Is that when the ball gets kicked into the net? ")

I do think that ALL children should have some kind of activity that keeps them physically active–that could be something as simple as a daily walk with Mom and Dad down to the store, or riding their bike around the neighborhood, or walking their dog. It is not good child-rearing to allow a child to become soft and weak.

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