Homeschooling parents cannot teach their children that homosexual acts are sinful

In other words, as long as the children arent **TAUGHT**, during education sessions, that homosexual acts are sinful, then its business as usual: they can be TOLD at some other time.
This directive is toothless.
Weird! :confused:

How terribly sad. :frowning: I think Obama looks to Canada for inspiration in his attempts to control church affairs.

My understanding is that, despite the headline of the article, the proposal has yet to clear the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

And, as the LifeSite article notes (although this contradicts the headline), families can continue to teach that homosexuality is sinful. However, the proposal would prevent that discussion from being part of formal lesson plans used by homeschoolers.

I wish lifesitenews would quit using headlines that sensationalize stories just to get readers!

That tactic is way beneath them and likens their approach to that of the supermarket checkout tabloids!

A tactic that I am sure they learned from watching CNN.

No doubt!
I wish sites that are Catholic or promote a Catholic viewpoint would avoid resorting to those kind of tactics when writing a story or headline.

As a retired history professor that taught in a few of universities, sometimes I wished that a student would have taken my class online, and by extension been homeschooled. A few were there, in my opinion, because their parents were paying for a higher educated baby sitter.

Homeschooling, or more properly termed Hometeaching can teach anything they want, from, in America, White Supremacy to Black Supremacy or in Canada British or French Supremacy, except on Nova Scotia that was taken from the French when it was named Acadia. In America, it is widely used. Some of our best college students are hometaught.

If a Catholc family desires to teach that Homosexuality is a sin, why not? Our Church has taught that very same for a thousand plus years. The rise of pubic homosexuality does not change that, rather just makes it more public with demands of equality. There have been homosexuals in our world for as long as recorded history. In several Indian Nations, the term was “Birdas” in that the survival of the tribe meant everyone had to work. So if a man acted as a woman, he was accepted as a woman, dressed as a woman, and did woman chores, and vice versa. Hitler killed as many homosexuals as was found by the Gestapo in the same concentration camps that killed over six million Jews and over nineteen hundred Catholic Priests. In Islam homosexuality is punishable by immediate death because the Quaran forbids it. Actually, so does our Bible.

So, let’s not let our “Nanny State” federal governments of both Canada and the United States enter our homes and tell us what to believe or what to teach our children…although both are rabidly trying every hour of every day with their socialist secular edicts sometimes hidden in other laws.

That is the stupidest thing ever. How, exactly, would they know if it was part of a formal lesson? These children are homeschooled… there are no government officials, teachers or outside influences at all to monitor what is taught and what isn’t.

Sometimes I think our government is too stupid for life.

this is in Canada, Thank GOD we don’t have that kind of interference here…YET

That’s not really an issue.

The PC’s control 72/83 seats in the Legislature. They can basically pass anything that’s not unconstitutional.

The Alberta Government is less parliamentary democracy and more multi-generaltional dynasty. The current PC party has been in government since 1971, or over 40 years. Before that, the Social Credit party was in power for 36 years.

I can teach my homeschooled children exactly whatever I want. My children are MINE, not the state’s.

Oh, I just realized this article is about the People’s Republic of Canada. Nevermind.

Like you, I don’t see how it would be possible to police exactly parents teach their children. Perhaps the proposal is intended to prohibit the sale of homeschooling materials which incorporate traditional negative views of homosexuals or homosexuality?

Quoting from the LifeSite article:

McColl emphasized that homeschoolers were already included in the current definition of ‘school’ in the School Act, going back to 1988 or longer. And Section 16, she said, “is specifically with regards to programs, courses, and instructional materials.”

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Perhaps they are going to install cameras with microphones in the home. :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch me!

Coming soon to a country near you. Just keep voting for secular leftists like Obama and it will happen here.

" I will die in bed. My successor in prison. And his successor will die a martyr." - Cardinal Francis George.

Don’t think : “it can’t happen here” because it can. Keep voting for “progressive” leftists and it just might. If Catholics don’t wake up, it will happen.


This comes down to province politics.

There is an election coming sometime before May, and the ruling Progressive Conservatives, led by an untested neophyte, former UN official, leader, is focusing on two areas, the businesses who dominate Calgary, and the left who dominate in Edmonton. With those two cities she can take 2/3 of the seats and gain legitimacy.

There is little hope they will be defeated in the next election, and therefore no chance this will be reversed, but of course those of us in Alberta should do our utmost to make sure it happens.

this is in Canada, Thank GOD we don’t have that kind of interference here…YET

This is in Alberta, the only province in Canada that polls showed would have voted for McCain in the last presidential election. In the US political spectrum it probably falls just right of center.
Albertan’s are generally anti-government, and pretty much every provincial government in history has maintained power by fighting with the Federal government. Unfortunately for the Progressive Conservatives, the Federal Conservative government is seen as more representative of the people right now.

I also can’t find anything on this from any other source.

I was homeschooled. We used a curriculum from the States because it was the only Christian source available. That particular curriculum did not ONCE mention homosexuality…

My indoctrination into homosexuality was very, VERY subtle. I hardly remember learning it was wrong… I’m uncertain if it was taught at home or at church in all honesty. I do know what I was taught didn’t stick and as an adult I took a different route but… hey, I’m home now and all straightened out in my thinking. :wink: I indoctrinated myself properly as an adult.

Either way, I will not be voting Conservative come the election.

Also, it may be happening in Canada but other Catholics should at least marginally care. I know I am very invested in the HHS Mandate debate. I may not be American but I stand with my American brothers and sisters as they battle the government.

As an American, I feel sorry for you in Canada. However, your government’s social agenda reminds we Americans what can happen if we let our government overpower the people.

I suggest that every American cease vacationing in Canada, every American corporation cease all business in Canada until the Canadian and Province governments are replaced with a government of the people. I hope that you Canadians come to your senses and vote out all the socialist progressives. We’re trying. Hopefully, in November, you can have Obama and his so called regime.

It’s high time for both of our countries to rise up to the call of “WE THE PEOPLE”.

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