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I am looking for advice from homeschooling parents. I have 5 children, two have gone through Catholic school up to 8th grade then public school. The younger 3 are still at Catholic school. I am considering homeschooling, not because I am unhappy with the Catholic school, but because I think that I can better educate them at home (since they would receive one-on-one education) and that there are more opportunities with the materials and courses that charter schools offer. I am also fairly unhappy with the indoctrination at the public H.S. and the overall secular, immoral environment. This is unchartered territory for me and I have ordered Kimberly Hahn's homeschooling book. The trouble is, convincing my husband and kids to be open to the idea. He is mainly worried about socialization and the 'school experience'.
Another issue, if we do this, there will be no going back because I will have to quit my job (part time) and would no longer be able to afford Catholic school if we changed our minds!!
Any advice?:hmmm:


The key for you is to find other homeschooling families in your parish. Start talking to them and getting to know their families.

My kids have more socialization since we’ve started homeschooling because I, for one, feel like I fit in with the homechoolng families better than the parish school families and that makes it easier for me to WANT to socialize. Make sense?

Pray about your husband. That’s all you can do. But most of all, he must be on board with homeschooling or it will not work too well in my opinion.

I sent mine to parish school and brought them back home. Nothing to do with the school, it’s great, I just felt like that was were God wants us to be…home…

Good luck and remember PRAY!

(I work part time at home, I have another friend who works part time and is pregnant with her fifth child…anything is possible with God)

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