Homeschooling will becoming forbidden in France (?)

According to recent declaration from the President, the law against “séparatisme” (loi sur le séparatisme), of which the announced goal was to fight “radicalisation” and “islamism radicalisation” among others things, will banned homeschooling for personal reasons from year 2020-2021.

Private schools with no public funding (écoles hors contrat), that can be non-religious or Catholic or Muslin or Protestant are seriousely target too, even if they will apparently not be all forbidden.

The government justify himself by saying that these schools and homeschooling are a nest of radical islamism and anti republican ideology.

Since the last year, the governement had already make a mandate for all 3 years old to be instruct (at school or at home). As a result the numbers of homeschoolers raised a lot, because many parents find that their 3 years old, or 2 and half years old are not ready for school.

then, the Covid lockdown. All students were following school from their home…
The planned controlsof the homeschoolers did not happened because of the crisis situation…

This year it is likely that many more students are doing homeschooling because of that…

Just about 0,5 % of families are homeschooling in France. And maybe a half of them for no choice (such as medical reasons).

I don’t know if a strong reaction will happened, and if it would be enough to make the governement renounced it.

As an homeschooling family, it will deeply impact our family life and choices, my 4 year old who have never gone to school and are an happy homeschooler. But also our last one, who will have the extra burden to have to go to school at the young age of 2 years1/2 with the necessity to be completely potty-trained, including for naps

It will go against all the choices, including (non) professional one that I made since a decade to reach this goal…

To be following…

Maybe it seems strange from the other side of the Atlantic?


As an American, the idea of a country banning homeschooling is totalitarian. Parents are the primary educators of their children, not the state.


Unfortunately, not strange enough, having seen some of what happened to homeschooling families in Germany.

It is very sad, and I hope that the government will not continue down this road, especially for the little ones of 2, 3, and 4 years old!


I understand the concern of radicalization that could occur with homeschooling ones children but, I think that is just a byproduct of the freedom to educate our children as we see best. The government is really overstepping it’s bounds here. Plus, children that will be radicalized by homeschooling will continue to be radicalized anyway.

No! There are better ways of preventing radicalization of children other than banning homeschooling. It’s a parents right to homeschool their child if they feel that other educational opportunities aren’t adequate. Often, the radicalization of Muslim children takes place in their private schools and Mosques anyway. Suppose a Muslim family wants to make sure their child isn’t radicalized by homeschooling them? This will defeat the purpose.

The government had better be very careful. Parental rights aren’t stepped on lightly nor tolerated very well!


I don’t think France is any more racist than my own U.S., but as an outsider to your culture, I see a lot of bigotry and prejudice here.

Apart from this law, what really bothers me is that mandatory education begins too early in France. The Finnish start much later, with outstanding outcomes for their students. I certainly support pre-school as a choice for parents, but forcing it on all families is overstepping boundaries.

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Im more concerned about the radicalisation of children at schools run by crypto marxists and pc crusaders.


I don’t see either country as racist


Exactly. For example, the teaching of faux history like the 1619 Project


I think Germany is the same way, that homeschooling is either outlawed or the hurdles are so high most wannabe homeschoolers give up trying.


Thanks you all,

Just to start, the law had not been voted, but as announced as a definitive goal, not a possibility. The governement has the majority in Parliament, so I don’t see why they will not be able to vote it.
Some things may be considered as unconstitutional, such as visible religious neutrality for agents who make a public service mission (but are not officilas), such as bus driver.

But apparently, the government consider that banning homeschooling is constitutional…(according to our French Constitution)

We cannot have any recourse, because the European Court of Human rights have already decided that Germany have the right to ban homeschooling.

In Germany, homeschooling is completely forbidden as a principle.
They go as far as to remoove the children for the parents who try it…
Maybe there is a few exemptions when collectivity is not possible such as serious illness…I don’t know.

Some german families have been famously known because they fly to US as asylum seekers…

Completely agree!


I hope so!

I don’t see my son going in school so young! And full time!

That’s why the number rise so much the last year. This new school obligation for kindergaten!

One of our family friend had homeschooled their daughter last year. They have enrolled the 2 and half daughter in a Cattholic school. But the director put them before their parental responsability and said indirectly that at this age, what’s matters is mother. They understand, so they make this decision immediately.

Homeschooling was on the rise for a decade, so the governments make more and more restrictions…

@blackforest, where do you see “bigotry” and “prejudice”?

I agree with you on preschool.

@Maximian, as far as I know, I don’t think there is any crypto marxist or communist schools in France. It will be against the communist ideology that the State should run all the education. And even if they create “collectivist” mentality school, the fact that parents should pay a lot to enrolled the children (so only for wealthy families) is against communist doctrine.

But I see a lot of anti religious bias in schools from the official curriculum and the ideas of teachers.

We have never had an homeschooler who made a djihadist attack in France…yet.


Here is the post I responded to:

The 1619 Project is a radical, racially motivated propaganda document.

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Ok, I don’t know this document. I guess it is important only for americans.

What is a pc crusader?

Someone crusading for increasing storage space, better connectivity and wireless internet…

Er no, I don’t think that’s what they meant.

More seriously, PC means politically correct in this context.


For the context, there is an many youngs adults who are muslins in France than there is youngs adults who are Catholics. Definitely, even if muslins is a small minority, they are changing the things, and i know that they will become soon the first religion of France. Catholicism is the first religion, but we are now around 33% of population, mostly non practicing and aging. Muslins are youngers.

The government is trying to fight radical mosquees for some times now. Islam is something new that is not well structured in France. The imans usually come from aboard, and the construction building of mosquees depend a lot of foreign money. That’s why some imans are now formed in France.

We have a system of public school + écoles sous contrat (sort of charter schools) that are schooling virtually all children. Theses écoles privées sous contrat are mostly Catholic schools that enrolled a big proportion of students.

The really private schools that received no public funds are on the rise. They are very expensive. 2/3 are secular, such as Montessori. Thoses who are Catholic are mostly from traditionalists communities and often single-sex.

Yet muslins private schools are growing expensively.
And more and more muslin children are homeschooled in poor neighborhoods.
That’s logical due to the context.

The governement argument that a sizable proportion of students who are declared as homeschooled are in fact in clandestine schools. Which is illegal. They took the exemple of 70 children who are officially homeschooled, but in clandestines muslins schools in the parisian area.
But this is not only concerned the muslins. A mother have tell me she said that, and she is not muslin.

Good argument!

Yet the governement would answer they want all the children in school, including the one parents want to prevent “radicalization”. They just don’t trust the parents.

I will add that I have some “problems” because my child who is less than 2 years old is not “socialized” yet, that’s mean in daycare and canteen. It is seen as an abnormality and a mother’s failure by professionals.

thanks you for your support @Pattylt!

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Ever considered moving someplace else, considering your own government does not even trust you to raise your own kids?

I love my country, but, if American takes that route, I’m out.


Some will leave the country. I see one who announced it in a newspaper. Many homeschooling families are already travelling aboard anyway. That’s why they homeschool.

I had this thought in mind. I love my country and many of his priviledge, but I don’t see myself put my children in school and abdicated my parental 'rights for not being a criminal. And we have already have “troubles” because of choices such as homeschooling recently. Hopefully we were able to keep custody and continue homeschooling.

But it is impossible that we leave. My husband will never want. And he has his work, and no real opprtunity to find something in another place.

I think it would be too hard for me to leave anyway, sadly.


Then we will keep you and your country in our prayers.


thanks you @redbetta!

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