Homeschooling & Working Full-Time


I was wondering if any of you homeschool your children and work full-time or if you know someone who does.

Do you think this is possible? I don’t want to send my children to public school, but I don’t think we can afford to send our children to a Catholic school.

Any ideas/input would be greatly appreciated regarding this matter.



Let children be children. They will probably continue to work the rest of their life.


My sister home schools three kids. She used to work part-time (from home) but it became too much so she doesnt work anymore. Homeschooling requires a huge time committment and I dont think it is possible to do both. But it might also depend on your work schedule. My sister joined a co-op home school, so some of the classes are taught in a classroom. (For example science classes).

My aunt also home-schooled for a number of years, but was a nurse, and worked the night-shift and weekends. It was hard on her though.

As a side note, my parents sent me to Catholic school and it was the best gift they ever gave me. Many schools offer a family discount if you have more than one child. Another option might be to see if you can get a job at the school, and receive a tuition discount.

Good luck with whatever you decide.




Once you’ve taught your children to read fluently essentially homeschooling has been a success. If you want them to have any sort of technical career you must also teach them maths, but it is not essential to have a technical career, in fact the very richest would often look down on it.

That’s not to say that your job as educator stops when they can read for themselves. But they’ve got the key. Nothing else is essential, unless you are non-English speaking, in which case you must teach English. Opinions will differ on how much supervision is necessary, unfortunately economic reality might dictate a rather light approach, which isn’t ideal - really it should be tailored to the child. But remember in school they only get 1/30th of a teacher’s attention. So if you spend only one hour with them a day they are getting more supervision that they’d get at school.


Are you married - is the father supportive of homeschooling?

Regardless of whether you work outside of the home or not, that is probably a bigger factor than your income situation.

Yes, many parents homeschool and work full time.

How easy or hard it is depends on many things, none of which matter if you truely feel homeschooling is the best thing for your family. If you feel that homeschooling is best for your family, that will make the hardships a little easier to bare and well worth it.

**Do a simple google search for either single parents homeschooling or working fulltime and homeschooling. There’s a lot out there and support groups for such families too.:thumbsup: **


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