Does anyone know of any good catholic homeschooling suppliers? We’re checking into it now, I have Catholic Heritage Curriculum right now. I’m fairly impressed with it (for Pre K and K) I’d like to see what other options are out there, and what your experiences are. Thank you:)


Emmanuel Books : They supply for Mother of Divine Grace curriculum as well.

Sacred Heart Books: Great prices and free shipping on order $25 or more (last time I ordered)


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I use Catholic Heritage Curricula and Seton Books. Between these sources I buy the bulk of our material (books) for our kids. I then use things like currclick, starfall, and other various websites, software, and workbooks to supplement our materials. I make up our own lesson plans, which really is just do x number of pages/lessons from each book each day/week. I determine how many at the beginning of the year based on the book themselves.

There are other curriculum sources like Mater Amabilis. There are others that are more like enrolling in a school, such as Kolbe Academy, Mother of Divine Grace, and Seton. I know Seton sells their books without going through the “school”. You can get them at Seton Books (see link above). Mother of Divine Grace and Kolbe MIGHT do the same, but I do not know for sure.

There is also Homeschool Connections that offers various LIVE and taped webinars (seminars but done via web so you attend by watching your computer). Some of these webinars are for children some are for the parents. There is also Love2Learn and Homeschool Goodies. Homeschool Goodies and Love2Learn are just general resources for Catholic Homeschoolers.

Finally I have a list of VARIOUS resources on my blog. Some ARE catholic some ARE NOT. I do have more Catholic Resources listed on my blog that are not listed here.

I hope that helps you out some!


We are using Seton. My son is on the 9th grade cirriculum. I don’t know what level you need but they have k-12. This is the first year that we have used them, but my son likes it. You can submit your test through snail mail or for faster results on-line is available.


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