Hello all! I’m considering homeschooling my boys, I don’t know where to begin!!! I’m looking for help and advice- what’s your experience with different programs- I’ve looked into some- they seem very expensive- we want a solid catholic education, I just don’t know how to decide on what to do!! Any input woud be greatly appreciated!:slight_smile:

I’m a grand mom now but homeschooled 3 kids.

I always suggest reading Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum by Laura Berquist. It’s an excellent book for someone starting out. Don’t let the title deter you; the book contains lots of helpful information. :thumbsup:

Seton is a very good program and not too expensive, IMO. You can likely educate 2 boys for less than half the cost of private school for one of them. They are probably the best place to start.

One of your most valuable resources is the public library. We are able to greatly reduce the number of books we buy because of it. (If you are confident enough to create your own curriculum, it may even be possible to educate them for free.)

Also, some areas have home study charter schools. These can reduce the cost greatly (since they use public funds) but be sure to check with local homeschooling support groups before signing on with one. Some are very good but others can be very controlling.

In my experience the main cost is the materials,which can be used over and over again. I would start at a Catholic homeschool conference that includes a curriculum fair with the major Catholic homeschool providers: Seton, Kolbe Academy, St. Thomas Aquinas, Regina Coeli, Angelicum, Mother of Divine Grace, Our Lady of Victory, Our Lady of the Rosary, Catholic Heritage Curricula (although I do not think they attend conferences), Mater Ambilis, etc. Even if you want to design your own curriculum, these providers can help you develop an educational philosophy and make you aware of what materials are available. Good Luck!

Get together with other homeschoolers and ‘swap’ teaching different subjects (some people are better at teaching some subjects then others). :):slight_smile:

I am using a mix and match of iPad apps, Ccd books, and hand me down text books. I am slowly building a library of books like Once Upon a Time Saints. I have homeschooled for a few years but joined the church thus past Easter. I have a lot of transitioning to more solid catholic materials myself.

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