Homework in church?


Hello brother and sisters,

Lately I have been spending a great deal of time in my local parish. I find so much comfort spending time with Our Lord. Usually I am praying the Rosary or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy but I have found it awfully tempting to open up my laptop and do schoolwork while I sit in the silence.
To get to my question, is it sacrilege to do school work on my computer inside of the church walls?
I might add that I am not scrolling Facebook, etc. Figured I would throw that in there to hopefully save some of my brothers and sisters a few keystrokes!

In Christ,


If nothing is going on like Mass or a communal prayer than it should be okay.


It is not sacrilege, but it might be better for you to set aside an hour to spend just focusing on Our Lord, either praying, reading devotional materials, or just sitting with him in the church, and then going home and doing your homework in your room, perhaps with a nice crucifix or a statue of Our Lord to keep you company there. Jesus will be happy to hang out with you in your room at your desk, and you will not be in any position of perhaps distracting others in the church by the fact that you have a laptop out to scroll or type or that you are clearly doing something other than prayers.

However, if this is a case of you needing to wait for a bus for an hour or something and you really need to get started on your homework but would like to also be in the church with Our Lord, He won’t mind - just go in a corner where your typing or whatever won’t bug people who come to pray.


Think about it this way. If you could actually physically see our Lord, struggling for breath on the cross, would you be comfortable doing schoolwork in his presence? No, you’d fall down in penance and thanksgiving. Now think of what we all know: he is there, reserved in the tabernacle. Your inability to see him makes no difference. It’s not sacrilege, but I don’t see it strengthening your reverence for our Eucharistic Lord. Bear that in mind.


If I were in your shoes, I don’t think I could do that. That’s just me and am in no way saying you can or can’t.


The chapel at my old university was used as an examination hall at some points in the year. Can’t see an issue with doing homework in the church if I’ve taken exams in one.

Obviously, best to avoid doing homework during a service though.


Sometimes I sit in the parish hall and study. If the big doors are opened to the church sanctuary I don’t close them due to our ventilation and heating system. It is nice to see Jesus at the same time :smile:


Brothers and sisters in Christ,

I appreciate all of the responses!
What seems to be most prudent is not allowing prayer and reverence for Our Lord to be impacted negatively as a result of studying. The times that I have studied in church were after having spent time in prayer with Christ and I was alone. I have no intentions of seeking the chapel for the sole purpose of studying. With that being said, what I am gathering from a number of the responses, is that being in the presence of The Lord is good and studying would likely be okay.

In Christ,


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