Homework on Sunday?

On tuesday, I have to turn in an “annotative bibliography” for my Compostion class. I need 10 articles relating to environmental issues. But it’s Sunday, and I know your’e not supposed to work on Sunday as a Christian. I already have 4 articles written down, but they are hard to find because they have to be from a print source and must all relate to each other.

Does anyone have any news articles from the website of a newspaper or magazine regarding the environment, especially the efficiency of different energy sources?

So…um…you think it is a problem for you to work on a Sunday but it is OK for someone else to do the work for you?

My advice is to go to your campus library and talk with the libraran. He or she will be happy to show you databases and other sources so that you can get what you need. And you will have the satisfaction of having done your own work.

vatican.va/archive/catechism/p3s2c1a3.htm#II (read all)

Get to work Jack! You can do homework on Sunday. If you feel strongly you should not, then perhaps you should have worked a little harder Friday and Saturday. Since apparently you did NOT work hard on Friday and Saturday, you still have tomorrow!

Stop being a slacker and get to work. (it’s what I tell my own boys, and it’s what I am telling you!).

Asking someone else to look up the sources for you is cheating. I do not think God looks very kindly upon cheating!:cool:

Okay, fine! I’m a slacker! I’ll get to work. Tell the mods to close this thread

There’s nothing immoral about doing homework on Sunday. I’m doing calculus as I type. Well I guess I took a break to look at CAF, but I’ll be back to it in a moment.

As far as your homework, Google is your buddy. You might want to do search engines regarding “energy source efficiency”. Maybe add coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, next to it. It take time, but be creative… It took me several hours to find good sources to cite and incorporate in my paper.

The prohibition (such as it is) is against servile labour; not homework.

But even servile labour is permitted, under certain circumstances, which are common enough these days that most people can do servile labour on Sundays, without fear of penalty.

So, once you’ve completed your homework, you’re free to tidy your room, rake the leaves, take out the garbage, and lay the table for dinner. :wink:

Homework shuold be good on Sunday.

However, a priest told my friend once to “try not to do homework on Sunday. Yes, you’ll have to work harder the rest of the week. But Sunday, rest.” And she did. To her amazement, after a few weeks, her grades improved! She was doing better work and getting some rest and it worked out well for her.

Just a thought.

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