Homicides in Chicago outpacing last year after deadliest day so far in 2017


Homicides in Chicago outpacing last year after deadliest day so far in 2017



It has been warmer this year, and especially this week. There is no better way to celebrate an early spring than to randomly shoot people. Blame man made climate change rather than the disintegration of the family and lack of respect for law and authority.


Lord Jesus, have mercy.


Trumps fault.:stuck_out_tongue:


The last Republican mayor of Chicago left office in 1931. :smiley:




Stable families are essential in the fight against crime. If we’re ‘pro-science’ then we must admit to the fact that having two parents in a family is the best environment for children. No amount of public spending on social programmes can ever substitute that of a stable family during the formative years of a child. Some can sneer and dismiss this as much as they want but reality says otherwise.


The problem is many big-government political forces now depend on broken families.


But I thought Chicago had very strict gun control laws, in effect making it one big “gun free” zone.


So, theoretically, Chicago SHOULD the world’s safest place.


[In real life, strict gun laws only prevent law abiding people from having guns. Criminals can get all the guns they want.]

The mayor has body guards.

Local residents do not.


I would say it is the fault of the education system that should train kids how to think. This is the biggest non-story today. Read what is said, guys.

Homicides falling behind this year. So the day after seven people are shot, it becomes more deadly than last year, on February 23rd. In two days it may be equal and next week, falling behind again. :rolleyes:


That’s what they say.


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