Homilies about healthcare?


I’m curious as to whether your pastor/presider this Sunday discussed the SCOTUS decision in his homily, and if so, what he said about it, and whether you were surprised by anything he said.


Elizabeth, I have not yet heard any priests include the healthcare debate in their homilies. However, one of the churches I occasionally attend has in the lobby a kiosk of pamphlets with information on abortion, last rites, schooling, help for substance abuse, etc. And there is a brochure that basically says Catholics should be in support of the health care bill.

The brochure addresses the topic from a very idealistic standpoint.


We didn’t have a homily today. Father read a letter from our Bishop about it. He didn’t say another word about it. All he did was read it. The end. He started by saying that the Bishop requested that this letter was to be read at all Masses this weekend.


here in the Pensacola/ Tallahassee area we are participating in the Fortnight For Freedom,

which is in direct response to the healthcare issue, I haven’t heard any real homily on specifics other than on the kick off of this event which was a special mass celebrated by our new bishop, in which he talked about the need to protect religious freedom, but not calling for anyone to act in civil disobediance, or violence etc, but to be steadfast in prayer for the protection of religious freedom, and to exercise our American rights to protect our religious freedom.

so other than this one special mass, no, no other homilies in regards to healthcare.


Our deacon gave the homily today and he gave a GREAT talk about religious persecution and freedom, starting with the execution of Blessed Oliver Plunkett, quoting the Constitution, and carrying it through to today’s issues. One thing he said that did startle me was a quote from our Cardinal which was,
"I expect to die in my bed. I expect my successor to die in prison. And his successor to be martyred."
That was scary stuff to hear, but I was so glad my church was finally speaking up! He called on us all to defend the faith and finished by saying,
"God bless all of you. And God bless the United States of America."
And he did it all in his lovely British accent. :wink: Took a Brit, on the near eve of 4th of July, to quote our Constitution to us to try to get us to see the infringement on our freedoms that is in progress today. Ironic, isn’t it?


I'm in Kansas...our priest didn't say one word about it...sad days.


Our diocese in FL is participating in the Fortnight for Freedom. We have had special hours of devotion to the Blessed Scarament and prayers for our religious freedom as well as homilies against the HHS mandate. What struck me is the quote that IrishRush shared from the Cardinal: “I expect to die in my bed. I expect my successor to die in prison. And his successor to be martyred.” I have not heard anyone else say this, but I have been thinking it. As the US elections draw near, I think most Catholics are taking this matter lightly. I think it is very possible that this HHS mandate is just the tip of the iceberg heralding the outright persecution of the Holy Church in the Western world. If the course and direction of this law and many other unjust laws, directives and social mores are not changed, we should not be surprised if the day is coming when those who stand up for the Faith will be persecuted under the civil laws. We are not powerless. St. Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:11 “Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil.” Read on through to verse 20. We are exhorted to stand firm and to pray against the wiles of the spiritual enemy. God is on our side and the Church will be triumphant. We cannot afford to take our freedom for granted.


Nope-the homily at my parish this weekend was about the readings. Father encouraged us to read the entire book of Wisdom. Then he spoke about the faith of the woman who believed that even the smallest incidental contact with Jesus could heal her and how that inspired him to strengthen his faith.

I left Mass feeling great!


I’ve heard this a couple of times already. I’ve heard a couple of comparisons to the German people, the Jewish people and the Nazis too. And, most homilies have at least touched on religious freedom for the past several months. We are in seriously scary and dangerous times for people of faith, for people who believe in liberty, for America and her way of life in general, and that fact has been stressed for quite awhile in my parish.


I just wanted to add that even though times are scary now, this line from yesterday’s Gospel was also highlighted during the homily.

“Do not be afraid, just have faith.”


Seeker, I love your response. I found all 3 of Sunday’s readings to be extraordinarily powerful. I have not heard/read the first 2 enough, but particularly in light of that Gospel, one could have constructed a week full of retreats on the interrelationships of the 3 readings. Although our priest spoke eloquently about the Gospel, I half expected him to focus on either of the first 2 readings. (Hard to choose!)

He did make an allusion to healthcare only tangentially in the homily, and even that apparently was very controversial to some parishioners. Opinions appear to be very divided in this parish, possibly in many others.


Yes, I thought about, too.


It certainly brought me comfort. Even though individual Catholics might be in for some tough times, we know that the gates of Hell will not prevail against His Church.


My Parish has a transitional deacon doing “on the job training” this Summer (will be ordained a Priest next Summer), and his entire homily yesterday morning was on ObamaCare and was able to tie it back into the Gospel reading.


Could you summarize what his tie-in was?


Just as other posters have commented, our pastor also tied it in to the Gospel Reading telling us “Be Not Afraid” as we continue praying our prayer at the end of Mass for the Fortnight of Freedom and do all we can to fight for our religous liberty that is being threatened by this current HHS mandate.


Ours wasn't on healthcare per se but it was about tied in the first reading from the book of wisdom where it said God did not make death, he said contraception is a form of idolatry and it means we don't trust god that ties into the gospel reading . very powerful homily yesterday. This priest was our parochial vicar last summer but has been transfered to a church in another deanery of our diosce so sad would love to hear him preach more.


In addition to what Zab said, during the homily, the Gospel reading was used to point out all of the years that the Catholic church has been in the medical profession with it’s Catholic hospitals.


Well again, these were 3 powerful readings for the Sunday liturgy. A homily on any one single one of them would have been inspiring --- whether or not there were tie-ins to healthcare.

It does seem that various priests (including in my region) were vulnerable no matter what they said (if anything) on healthcare. There may be unanimity in some parishes, but apparently that is not nearly true in many other parishes, with parishioners expecting a "hard line" speciifically from the pulpit, during Mass, and not just in a bulletin.


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