Homily at the End of Divine Liturgy


Hey guys. Is it permissible for the homily to be given at the end of Divine Liturgy, rather than directly following the gospel? A priest I know does this, and I actually greatly prefer it - it keeps you focused on the liturgy itself, and everything flows more naturally. Are priests allowed to do this?


Yes. It is perfectly acceptable.


Really? I had no idea! Do you have a source that says this?


Yeah, I’ve seen it in writing somewhere and have seen it occasionally in the Divine Liturgy. I thought it was in the Ruthenian pew book, but I just searched it and it isn’t there. I’ll look around for it and post it here when I find it.


Great, thanks!


I can’t give a source, but historically, the homily was at or near the end of the Divine Liturgy.



This is from Byzantine Seminary Press, published with the approval of the Ruthenian bishops and used in our parishes. I took the picture at church tonight.


Wow. I had no idea.


A priest I know has a physical infirmity so he always does the homily at the end of the Liturgy. He gives a good homily too. :wink:


Yes, this is a traditional practice.


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