Homily in Montréal

The president of Gai Écoute gave the homily at a Catholic mass on Sunday. He stated it is more embarrassing to be a Catholic than it is to be gay.


The article is in French. Here is the Google Translate interpretation of the first three paragraphs:

Invited by the Church of St. Peter the Apostle to give the homily at Sunday Mass, the president of Gay Line, Lawrence McCutcheon, took the podium on Sunday to denounce the lack of openness of the Catholic Church in place of the gay community, on the eve of International Day against Homophobia.

The latter, very emotional, has invited the Catholic Church to show more tolerance for gays and lesbians stressing that they were not a “mistake of the Creator,” but rather "children of God same way as all other persons ".

Making himself the “messenger of so many men and women injured by the rejection of the Church” in his “Letter to Jesus,” Lawrence McCutcheon also said that “Sentence of the Church towards the gay community was” unjust and devoid of goodness. His homily was long and moreover warmly applauded by the audience of the church was filled to overflowing.

The church, St. Peter the Apostle, is located in Montreal’s gay neighborhood, and according to the article has “the blessing of Cardinal Jean- Claude Turcotte.”

gays are welcomed in the Church, as much as the adulterers, the fornicators, the murderers, etc.

we are all sinners. we come to the Church to seek forgiveness of our sins, redemption from our sins, and to live in the way Jesus Christ has taught us to live

i think he as a Catholic doesn’t understand this. what they want is acceptance of their sins, which will never happen. they should realize there are more heterosexuals who are divorced or separated from their spouses without the benefit of a legal separation such as divorce, who would want to remarry, but the Church has not budged on that. a sin is a sin. they are persons are welcome inside the Church, as the Church is the hospital for those sick from sin. but they should seek to get well from this sickness, instead of accepting the sickness as part of them and saying its normal

… Just a couple of observations :

*]First of all, a lay person is never supposed to give a homily - catholic.com/thisrock/quickquestions/keyword/homily

*]The “Journal de Montreal” is not what we would consider top notch as far as lack of sensationalism is concerned. The Montreal newspaper “La Presse” is a little more tame in this regard. Be that as it may, in general you will still find opposition to the Catholic position in pretty well all the newspapers here. Everybody jumped on Cardinal Ouellette this week because of the commentary he just gave on abortion.

*]There was also a little group of priests who got together when the directive concerning sexual orientation of seminarians was going through … cbsnews.com/stories/2005/11/22/world/main1067924.shtml … and they issued a statement in protest… basically creating new difficulty for theChancery Office.

*]The archbishop of Montreal, his Eminence Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte , is known as a friend of the people , but I saw some TV talk show hosts invite him on to a program for what was supposed to be some friendly conversation and when he appeared, the commentator tried to corner him on the issue re. sexual orientation of seminarians - it was pretty sneaky.

*]So leave a little room for interpretation here ; some things are unfortunately done in stealth in this 'hood. And while he may have physically blessed the Church of St. Peter the Apostle ( I know he personally consecrated the church of my home parish here), I seriously doubt he would condone conduct which is contrary to what the Church proposes as “chaste according to one’s state in life”. It would surprise me if he had instructed Mr. McCutcheon to give the homily as well.

*]Sometimes, the Cardinal is kind of held hostage by the media. When someone says “He blessed our church”, how do you think he is supposed to respond ? Can you imagine the backlash if he said - “No I didn’t ?” Neither up until this present time has Cardinal Turcotte ever spoken out in favour of gay marriage.
But this country is messed up morally - no denying that. We awarded the country’s highest civilian honour to an abortionist in 2008 - an abortion pioneer here in Canada, for his (get this) “… work in the field of reproductive health alternatives for women.”

When you do that, everything else just sort of follows.


Let’s aim a few prayers here diocesemontreal.org/organisation/paroisses/pages_paroisses/saint/st_pierreapotre.htm

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