Homily/Reflection: Nineteenth (19th) Sunday of Ordinary Time Year B (August 9 2015)


Homily/Reflection: Nineteenth (19th) Sunday of Ordinary Time Year B (August 9 2015)
Theme: “The Eucharist: Food for Pilgrims”.

Stella and Sandra were two sisters who fell in love with two brothers Dickson and Thomas. All were from poor homes and were orphans. The two brothers decided to assist the two sisters who were more helpless, with the intention of having them as life partners afterwards. Dickson was a sales boy and used his salary to send Stella who was blind to a special school for the blind. Thomas was a truck pusher and used his daily wages to pay Sandra’s school fees. After some years, both girls graduated from school and became comfortable with good jobs. When the brothers initiated their marriage proposal, Stella wished she could see if only for a day, the face of the guy who changed her life and destiny.

Eventually, one day, someone donated a pair of eyes to Stella and after the eye transplant, she saw. She saw Dickson but was disappointed to realize that he was also blind. She refused to marry him because she couldn’t afford to marry a blind man. Dickson later sent her a note which read: “I caused you joy but you caused me sorrow. Please take good care of my eyes because I sacrificed them that you may see me”. Sandra also refused to marry Thomas because he was a truck pusher. She couldn’t imagine herself as a graduate marrying a truck pusher. She appreciated Thomas’ sacrifices but preferred to marry a graduate. Both brothers were tired of life and thought it was better to have died than experience this.

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