Homily taking over the Mass

Does anyone ever feel this way? For the past 2 month our homilies seemed to have taken over the Word of God at our parish. Everyone laughs and claps after the priest gives a homily. I understand we should appreciate out priests but it seems as if the focus is on him and not on Jesus Christ. His homilies last 20 minutes and talk how great God’s love his. (which I agree) but then he goes on to tell us Christianity has no negativity what so ever and that we should take 10 minutes a day to tell our organs in our bodies that we love them and talk to our minds and thank them for how great they are? He seemed to be mocking the confessional at one homily by stating that its stupid that a priest would tell someone to say 10 our fathers and that he should only tell us to say 1 instead. He said people beat themselves up as Christians and confess the same silly sins over and over again. I also heard during his homily that when Jesus said you are to be perfect that new studies of language in theology tell us it meant you are to be merciful? Am I being over sensitive here? I think that most people think they only need to learn their Catholicism from the parish priest during the homily. But I never ever hear anything about telling people to read the CCC. I thought the Catechism of the Catholic Church was such a great book and gift to the Catholic faith and yet I never hear our priests tell us or mention to read it. I was actually discouraged to read it by my last parish priest when I came back to the faith. He said that I will get too confused if I read that Catechism of the Catholic Church.


I do not think I am qualified to suggest a priest what to say and what not to say during the homily. However I believe they have a responsibility to aid people to understand the gravity of their sin, importance and sanctity of sacraments, and to do a correct interpretation of the word of God.

I have another point to make, I believe the sermon in roman rites is the only longer part rest everything gets over so fast. Do you feel the same ? Most often I leave many things not offered up in the alter because the mass already reached to the next part.

I don’t know , may be the mass that I attend are much “shorter” ordianry version. ?


Like the previous poster, I don’t feel qualified to comment directly on what you heard the priest saying…
I do have concerns though over how it is effecting you personally.

Overall I’d say that this is not a terribly healthy environmnet for your spiritual life and that you should seek another parish to attend regularly - at least until this pastor is transfered.


no because I am not in your parish
go through channels
first ask your priest about the specific points in his homily that are problematic or plain wrong–specifics, not generalities
if he gives no satisfactory response go to the bishop through the vicar for clergy
I am not speaking of a priest who is just not gifted at giving homilies, but only where clearly heretical teaching is coming from the pulpit. Complaints like “it is too long, I don’t like it” will not get you very far.

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