During a Mass is a homily expected? My daughter attended a Mass with no homily at all and asked me if that was wrong. She was wanting to hear a homily and very disappointed. ( there. Had been a funeral and a wedding that day so she figured the priest was too tired to come up with one) Can someone address this. Can a priest skip the homily when tired or for no reason at all?

Here is a thread that address this issue:


The homily is optional at a daily Mass. It is the norm for Sunday Mass.

On weekdays, it’s entirely optional. It sounds like you’re describing a weekday.

On Sundays, it’s expected, however the priest may omit it for any good reason.

It was a weekend Sat evening Mass.

It could be that the priest had to fill in at the last moment and wasn’t ready. OR maybe there were some extraodinary time constraints.

I ONCE was at a Mass where one priest was filling in right before he had to catch a plane. So that Mass was shorter. I don’t remember all but I think it was the homily and less music. He was suppose to have been gone already but filled in so we could have Mass.

In that case, he cannot omit the homily for “no reason at all” (since that was the way you phrased your original question). He must have “some” reason, but that reason can be anything, at least anything that makes sense. So as long as it’s not something irrational like “because I’m allergic to bananas” or incorrect like “because I don’t think the homily should be part of the Mass” he can do it.

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