Homo- Sexuality

If you’re not saying it’s wrong, then why do you imagine it needs a cure?

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Cancer needs a cure but it isn’t wrong.

Because it is a disordered desire. Because that disordered desire makes it very difficult for them to have healthy marital relationships with the opposite sex that are open to life.

And, sadly, in our current era there are people trying to convince these unfortunate people that it isn’t disordered and that sexual acts in accordance with these desires are healthy and normal and that anyone who has these desires is a strong and brave for conceding to their concupiscence. The acronym movement is a pied piper leading them to hell.

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Isn’t that where they’ll go anyway if they’re atheists and probably where they’ll go if they’re not Catholic?


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We’ve only got 30 minutes left. We’d better hurry and finish this conversation.

Yes, and suffer more the more they sin. I don’t consider that a good thing. If you believed it, would you consider it good?

Don’t cry, there’s still hope they can be saved.

Not crying at all.

I am face palming the fact that compassion seems to be lacking in your skill set.

If you’re quick you can even have the last word. :wink:

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If by compassion you mean smiling and waving as someone suffers from SSA rather than hoping and praying for better for them and knowing that better isn’t simply telling them sodomy is a-okay, then yes, I lack that kind of compassion.

That’s not a lack of compassion, that’s a result of a different Weltanschauung. You believe being SSA is perfectly healthy and fine and your problem with me is that I don’t. That isn’t the definition uncompassionate.

If that is what helps you sleep at night, you keep on thinking that.

You have no compassion for people struggling with same sex attraction and your comments reflect that.

Now if you said that you will pray that they can overcome SSA, then that is compassion, but hoping for a cure shows no compassion at all for what they struggle with. Homosexuality is not a cancer or a disease.


I don’t think about them at all before bed. That would be weird.

Hoping for a cure is not uncompassionate. How absurd. I personally believe it is concupiscence and thus I do pray for them. That said, there are those who believe it is genetic. If they ever prove to be correct, let us all hope for a cure.

Let us hope you stop trying to convince people that homosexual relations are healthy and good. That is truly without compassion.

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