Homophobic reaction to the abuse crisis discouraging me - what should I do?


Not understanding your point of view. Is it that those opposed to homosexuality are hateful or ignorant? There are 4,000 victims who are not amused by the homosexuality that was forced upon them.


I welcome you to interact with the question of this thread.


Fact: Male homosexual behavior has caused over 80% of the crisis.
Does not matter that the world chases after homosexuality. Does not matter that “unions” are permitted, allowed, desired, glorified or worshiped. Such behavior is always and everywhere morally wrong. “Everybody’s doing it” does not determine the morality of any situation.

The Church has always had, and always will have many problems, both internal and external. This one generates psychologically damaged, wounded victims. If certain persons perceive the natural abhorrence of victimizing young men as being somehow bigoted or ignorant, I cannot help them.

“If” I said.


Do yourself a favor and just ignore the Westboro Catholic brigade and focus on real Catholicism instead. Life is too short to waste on them.

  1. Mute this thread. It is already turning into a flame war.

  2. Stop visiting New Advent or any similar websites. People are lashing out and being careless with their words. Like my grandma used to say: guard your hearing.

  3. Remember that if you put your faith in people they will always fail you. Put your faith in God. He never fails.


I already explained what this thread was about. This thread is NOT about mitigating the gravity of the scandals. Please re-read.


Do you see what I meant when I said that even here, the welcome I’ve received has often been less than warm?


Remember that if you put your faith in people they will always fail you. Put your faith in God. He never fails.

This is true.

But it’s not so much God as Church. As one reply above included, a Catholic in a similar state ended up going to Anglicanism — not because his faith in God was lessened.


I get it. Upthread you said your parish was pretty good. Perhaps God is tell you to focus on your parish life/community?


Yes. I guess part of the answer is to always remember that the Church is large and includes all kinds of people and communities.

So like, to continue from above, Anglicanism is much smaller and its “culture” will be more evident and specific, perhaps. But Catholicism has a lot of “cultures,” and sometimes the loudest ones are not the friendliest. This can make someone – even me who should know better – associate the Church with that specific culture.

Still, it seems more and more that the (American?) Catholic Church at large is being influenced by this unfriendly culture.


Well, of course. Even though we are supposed to be in the world but not of the world, it is unreasonable to think that the people won’t be in some ways tainted by worldly things.

There are no perfect people in the church. This is something I have to remind myself of when I encounter Catholic racists.


But I really meant to ask you if you would be interested in service in your parish?
There is a lot to do in general, and it is a way to meet Jesus in those in need.
But I do not know if it is something you would enjoy doing.


As I said above, I’m paranoid of walking into a Catholic church because of how I’ve been treated and how I’ve seen other people like me treated. Now that my transition has significantly altered my appearance, I’m even more paranoid. Which isn’t to say I won’t one day work up the courage to walk through the doors anyway. I’m just not there yet.


Less and less, actually. Which is why they are having a hissy fit. Hissy fits just make for good news copy, so that’s why you hear so much about them. Their numbers are declining, and their influence waning.


“Homophobia” is a concocted, made-up word. It is intended, by radicals, to demonize and marginalize those who stand for eternal truths and morality. It was invented by the intellectually dishonest.

Consider trying another term. One that does not (seem to) assume fear and ignorance on the part of one’s counterparts in this discussion.

Sure sounds like the guy’s dealing with “fear and ignorance”. If the word triggers you, that’s really sad, but some people have real problems, not imaginary problems with words.


OK. Try and seek help with your fear or paranoia as you named it, it must be very difficult to live like that.


Thank you for understanding. :slight_smile:


That’s helpful to remember.

I wish popular Catholic media would reflect this more.


Maybe a good way to start is to go to a weekday mass, sit in the back and be inconspicuous. That’s what I usually do when I’m by myself.


Stop making it about yourself. The Church is for all sinners. Deal with your sins through the sacraments, which are fountains of sanctifying grace for those who seek to sincerely have a transformation of heart and want to allow God to destroy the old self. I would suggest you stop announcing what your sinful inclinations are and work on humility. The Church is for those who want to be healed and saved; the future for everyone reading this is a coffin filled with bones and judgment, heaven, or hell. Don’t be deceived by the world or the devil.

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